Top 21 Blog Posts by The Freedonia Group in 2016

Freedonia Group Research.jpgSince joining, Freedonia’s analysts have produced a huge number of blog posts to give readers an inside look at the latest market research. The Freedonia Group’s large crew of in-house analysts write about 120 Industry Studies and 600 Freedonia Focus Reports per year.

The blogs not only give us a chance to show our creative side, but also share some interesting tidbits we learned while writing our studies and reports. Read on for a list of the most-viewed blog posts by our analysts in 2016.

1. Packaging Trends to Watch in 2016

Learn about current packaging trends in produce, meat, poultry, seafood, and more.

2. The Rising Demand for Drones in the Retail Sector

While drones are well-known in military applications, this article discusses growth and opportunities in commercial and consumer applications.

3. Ways to Present Simple and Complex Data

The Freedonia Custom Research division shares different ways to present data that best meet clients’ needs.

4. Landscaping Trends for 2016 and Beyond

Outdoor living trends and long-term weather patterns affect new product development in the landscaping industry.

5. Not All Market Research Data Is Equal

This article explains the different types of data that are available for use in market research.

6. Tesla and BYD Gigafactories to Strain Lithium Supplies

Will lithium producers meet the rapidly growing needs of battery and electric vehicle suppliers?

7. Market Trends for Locks, Safes, and Vaults

See why the lock segment accounted for 72 percent of the $6.1 billion mechanical security market.

8. The Truth About Wine Packaging: From Bottles to Boxes

The hows and whys of wine packaging — from glass bottles to bag-in-box containers to cans and more.

9. Why Packaging Design Matters in Today's Market

With the average supermarket in the US carrying more than 40,000 items, brand owners face a daunting task in attracting attention to their products.

10. The Market for Aseptic Packaging

Freedonia Group analyst Esther Palevsky discusses how “formidable competition and technological complexity limits the number of competitors” in this growing industry.

11. Demand for Battery Materials to Reach $46.8 Billion in 2019

A broad range of materials are used to make batteries — including metals, chemicals, polymers, carbon and graphite, silicas, glass fibers, paper, rubber, and ceramics. 

12. Shaw Acquisition Highlights Rising Demand for WPC Flooring

Freedonia analyst Matt Zielenski weighs in on Shaw Industries’ acquisition of USFloors.

13. 3 Trends to Watch in US Personal Care Appliances

Why is a vacuum company making hair dryers and what on Earth is “peak beard”? These questions and more are addressed.

14. After Aerospace: The Future of Carbon Fiber Composites in the US

Carbon fiber has recently scored its first major commercial success. 

15. Developing Countries Continue to Drive Demand for Steel Pipe

This blog discusses the many industries that affect steel pipe.

16. The Growing Demand for Drug Delivery Products

Patent expirations and competition from generic brands will soften the growth potential for oral dosage formulations.

17. Freedonia's Capabilities: Market Sizing with Competitive Landscape

Chris Staneluis describes the capabilities of the Freedonia Custom Research division.

18. The US Cocktail Culture and the Rising Demand for Spirits

 “Even in a country expected to total nearly 335 million people, that’s a lot of booze.”

19. Graphene: The Birth of an Industry

Read about the new possibilities and opportunities for this growing industry.

20. A Wake-Up Call for the Mattress Industry?

Focus Reports Analyst Steven Richmond addresses the challenges faced by mattress makers today.

21. The Rising Demand for Public Transport in the US

Americans love their cars, but this blog post discusses how consumer spending on public transportation services outgrew spending on new motor vehicles.

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