Understand Your Brand’s Movable Middle—a Key to Growth

Your Movable Middles is the most important segment of category buyers for your brand you might not have heard of yet.

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U.S. Nail Salons Industry Hurt by Pandemic, but Demand Is Still There

The $8+ billion U.S. nail salons industry, like many other personal services, took a hit last year. The Covid-19 pandemic shuttered many of the nation’s nail salons and revenues plunged.

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Companies Face Mounting Concerns Over Climate Change Amid the Pandemic

Countries around the world have had their hands full battling the spread of COVID-19, but another looming existential crisis—the threat of climate change—hasn’t been forgotten either.

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5 Hottest Strategies Online Gambling Industry Players Are Applying Today

The online gambling industry is seeing major technological advances among other trends that are shaping the market, particularly in reaction to the COVID-19 impact. A recent report by TBRC highlights some of the key strategies that can be adopted by companies to benefit from these trends.

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Monthly Recap: Our Top News Headlines from August 2021

MarketResearch.com's trusted research brands Packaged Facts and The Freedonia Group were recently featured in a variety of media outlets including The New York Times, Research World, Retail Dive, and many other trade publications. 

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What Our Analysts Are Reading: August 2021

Our industry analysts are voracious readers who are naturally curious and deeply analytical. They are constantly sharing and discussing articles with each other about mergers and acquisitions, pricing volatility, supply chain mishaps, and disruptive technologies.

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COVID-19 Doubled the Adoption of Molecular Diagnostics Devices and Equipment

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of molecular diagnostics devices and equipment in the healthcare industry, highlighting the power of sequencing-based diagnostic testing in global efforts to combat the spread of the infectious diseases, and its importance in supporting recovery efforts.

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The Transformation of the Space Industry and the Recent Growth of Space Tourism

The space industry in the past was dominated by national space agencies across the globe. Currently, with the advent of new space players, the dynamics in the space industry have transformed. 

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3 Key Trends to Watch in the U.S. Construction Industry

After a challenging 2020, the U.S. construction industry remains resilient with growth projected in the future.

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Artificial Intelligence Needs Human Eyes: How Marketing Researchers Can Help Fill the Gap

Artificial intelligence algorithms are designed to make decisions, often using real-time data. They are unlike passive machines that are capable only of mechanical or predetermined responses.

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