Recent Breakthroughs in the Power Supply Equipment for Water Electrolysis Market

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2020, the demand for hydrogen was estimated at around 95 million tons. That's about 50% more than what IEA wanted back in the year 2000. 

The oil-refining players used about 40 million tons of hydrogen in 2020, and the chemical industry gobbled down around 45 million tons.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells Market to Witness Exponential Growth

The hydrogen fuel cells market will reach a value of nearly $8.2 billion in 2023, having grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.8% since 2017. The market is expected to reach $31.8 billion by 2027, rising at a rate of more than 41%. The market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of above 37% from 2027 and reach $154 billion by 2032.

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Energy as a Service (EaaS) Market to Reach $103 Billion by 2027

The global energy as a service (EaaS) market is witnessing significant growth propelled by industrialization, government support, and the increasing adoption of distributed energy resources.

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The Potential of Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling for a Greener Tomorrow

With the increasing adoption and popularity of electric vehicles and consumer electronics, the demand for battery materials such as lithium is also growing, putting pressure on already limited resources in the environment.

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Direct Air Capture: A Technology That Can Help Save the Planet

Climate change is a global problem that requires urgent action. Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is an emerging strategy to combat the adverse effects of climate change.

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Is 2023 the Year When Green Hydrogen Will Take Off?

In a world full of pollutants, concerns about sustainability, and the aim to carry zero-carbon footprints, green hydrogen is serving as a ray of hope for a healthy, green world.

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3 Key Data Center Cooling Trends for Future Sustainability

Data center cooling systems are used in various industries, such as information technology (IT) and telecom, banking, healthcare, finance, insurance, and retail. As servers in a data center run continuously (24/7), they increase the core temperature of the operating system, and if not controlled, can lead to data center outage; thus, cooling has becomes a standard part of data center operations. 

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Green Methanol Fuel: An Essential Tool for the Net-Zero Carbon Emission Goals

Alternative fuels and energy sources are becoming increasingly significant due to the ongoing climate crisis.

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Sodium-Ion Batteries Poised for Rapid Growth as an Alternative to Lithium-Ion Batteries

Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) are an emerging battery technology that offers cost-effectiveness, better safety, performance advantages, and sustainability over the widely used lithium-ion batteries across industries such as automotive, electronics, and energy.

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Exponential Growth in Electrolysis Plants: Why and What It Will Bring in the Future

Two years back, when the pandemic was gripping the world and strangling many industries, water electrolysis embarked on a journey of exponential growth. 

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