Generative AI Market to Grow 43% Annually from 2024 to 2028

The generative AI market is experiencing unprecedented growth, largely driven by advancements in large language models (LLMs) such as OpenAI's GPT series and Google's BERT.

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Big Data in Healthcare Market: Rapid Growth Amid Challenges

The use of big data analytical tools offers enormous opportunities to collect large amounts of data for the development of therapeutic drugs. Big data in healthcare typically refers to data collection from different sources, including biometric systems, medical research, data analytical tools, and electronic medical records.

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Top 10 Strategic Developments in the Identity Verification Market

The identity verification market is booming, driven by the digitalization of services and rising security concerns. With a projected value of $13.45 billion in 2024 and a CAGR of 12.44%, the market is expected to reach $43.45 billion by 2034.

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NVIDIA's Earth Twin Might Save Us a Climate Emergency

On March 18, 2024, NVIDIA launched the Earth-2 climate digital twin cloud platform, a pioneering solution to combat the staggering economic losses incurred from extreme weather events due to climate change, estimated at $140 billion.

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Clinical Trial Software: Innovations Shaping the Future of Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is an important component of the drug development and approval process. The data obtained from clinical trials is crucial to meet regulatory compliance, helping to ensure a drug’s efficacy and safety for human use.

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5 Global Industries Poised for Rapid Growth in 2024

Discover five fast-growing industries that are making waves in the business world, and learn which key segments offer the highest potential for revenue growth, based on new data from a variety of leading market research firms.

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The Biggest Software Industry Trends Changing Our World

The global software industry is characterized by rapid innovation and growth. While other more mature industries often struggle to expand their sources of revenue, it’s common to see double-digit growth rates in different segments of the global software industry.  

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Growing Application of Artificial Intelligence in End Use Sectors

Artificial Intelligence and its application are endless. Along with technologies such as machine learning and deep neural network, artificial intelligence can be applicable in different industry sectors to generate maximum output.

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The Astonishing Growth of Artificial Intelligence Across Different Industries

ChatGPT has everyone talking, but the wider impact of artificial intelligence (AI) will expand far beyond any one tool, function, company, or industry. Market research analysts have calculated the market potential for AI across various industries, and the growth rates are astonishing. The global market for AI is expected to increase by hundreds of billions of dollars in just a few short years.

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The Power of Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Diagnostics

Artificial intelligence is omnipresent. In the future, queries will be responded to by personal digital assistants, trade stocks will be monitored by robo-advisors, and driverless cars will drive people to their destinations.

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