Learn About Perry/Hope Partners, a New Publisher on MarketResearch.com Academic

Did you know MarketResearch.com Academic expanded its subscription offerings to include Perry/Hope Partners?

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An Interview with Kentley Insights, a New Publisher on MarketResearch.com Academic

MarketResearch.com Academic recently expanded its collection of research to include subscription access to Kentley Insights, a leader in data-rich market research reports.

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Once a Happy MarketResearch.com Customer, Now an Employee!

As one of the largest and most authoritative market intelligence services available, MarketResearch.com's Profound solution is a go-to resource for many global investment banks and top management consulting firms.

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5 Great Reasons to Choose an Academic Market Research Subscription

Academic market research subscriptions provide access to specialized knowledge, real-world data, and a unique industry perspective that is difficult to find anywhere else.

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MarketResearch.com Academic Releases New Website

After months of planning, hard work, and dedication, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the brand-new MarketResearch.com Academic website.

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How Profound Works in a University Setting

Profound is a premier business intelligence solution with more than one million market research reports from hundreds of global publishers. The platform allows users to stretch their research budgets by purchasing individual sections — such as chapters, tables, and charts — rather than having to buy full reports. 

Profound is used by many well-known consulting firms and banks, but it’s also a tool that’s helpful for students who need access to market research. 

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How This MIT Student Conducted Market Research for a Startup Idea

Is there a real market for my product or service? If so, how big is the need? Will customers actually buy what I plan to offer? Entrepreneurs face these critical questions every day.

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MarketResearch.com Academic Scholarship Winner Announced

MarketResearch.com Academic is dedicated to helping the next generation of market researchers. In 2017, MarketResearch.com Academic offered a scholarship to a student who displayed a strong interest in the field of market research. We congratulate the accomplished student who won the award: Abbey Froehlich, a senior majoring in marketing at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

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The Power of Market Research: One MBA Student’s Story

Having access to the right market research can dramatically impact the trajectory of a student’s career — giving the student the resources to ace projects, impress prospective employers, and land new job opportunities at highly sought-after companies.

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How MarketResearch.com Academic Benefits Students

In our last blog post, we interviewed David Featherstone, M.S., Ph.D., professor of biological sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, to hear his perspective on the value of market research in a university setting. According to Dr. Featherstone, market research reports are a useful tool that can help demonstrate the practical applications of scientific knowledge.

When students learn how scientific research is being used in different industries, Dr. Featherstone said, they can start to think outside the box when it comes to future career opportunities. They’ll also be more empowered to pursue lifelong learning opportunities and be cognizant of the resources that real-world professionals use every day.

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