The Rising Demand for Agriculture Drones and Robots

With the introduction of agriculture drones and robots, several concerns related to the growth of farm produce can be resolved, including the shifting structure of the agriculture workforce along with the problem of decreasing arable land as compared to the fast-growing population.

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U.S. Diagnostic Imaging Center Industry Worth $19 Billion

The U.S. is the largest medical imaging market globally due to the high disposable income and health insurance of consumers. More than 630 million X-rays, CT & PET scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and mammographies are performed each year, representing an important part of the healthcare system.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: September 6, 2019

End the week with the latest from The Freedonia Group and Packaged Facts, including fresh insights and analysis on electric bus trends, global tariffs and the countertops industry, and the grocery shopping habits of affluent shoppers, plus a broad look at 5-year growth rates in over 100 subsectors of the U.S. business economy. 

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5 Factors Shaping the Future of Genomic Medicine

Genomic medicine has the potential to save lives, transform medical practice around the world, and drive billions of dollars of economic activity, according to a new white paper by BIS Research titled The Five Forces of Genomic Medicine.

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Cold Chain Logistics: A Fast Growing Segment of the Biopharmaceutical Logistics Market

According to a report from The Business Research Company, the cold chain logistics market, which moves biologics, is growing faster globally than the non-cold-chain logistics market, which transports small molecule drugs. Between 2012 and 2018, the cold-chain logistics market more than doubled in size, while the non-cold-chain logistics market grew by only 36% in comparison.

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5-Year Growth of 100+ Subsectors of the U.S. Business Economy

In 2018, the U.S. business economy was $37 trillion, representing the total revenue generated by private companies (including intermediate products, which aren’t included in GDP figures). Over the past 5 years, the U.S. business economy has grown 3.2% annually for a total growth of $5.4 trillion. Yet, growth has been very uneven across sectors.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: August 23, 2019

Get up to speed on the latest insights from Packaged Facts and The Freedonia Group. Our analysts spent the week covering topics in finance, sustainable packaging, key trends in the food industry, and more.

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The Rise of Robotic Surgery in the Healthcare Industry

The rise of robotics and automation across all industries is not something new. From automotive, warehousing and logistics to supply chain management to travel and hospitality to healthcare, robotics has become the most critical innovation of this decade. Talking particularly about healthcare, experts believe that autonomous robots could soon be regular members of any hospital’s staff, performing diagnostic duties, reading case histories and even assisting in surgeries.

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4 Food Industry Trends to Watch in 2019 and Beyond

The food industry has many large, mature categories, but the competitive landscape is far from static. Food marketers and retailers are constantly strategizing how to profit from the hottest market segments, update their product lines and service offerings, and reel in the most lucrative consumers.

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Weekly Wrap-Up: August 16, 2019

Summer is nearly over, but you can still take a break with some of the latest insights from the analysts at The Freedonia Group, Freedonia Focus Reports, and Packaged Facts. Check out an innovative interactive graphic detailing the U.S. business economy, as well as new data on alternative water sources, shoe manufacturing, pet supplies, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing in China.

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