A Guide to Search on Profound: Top Tips & Tricks

Let's explore the different search functionalities available on Profound, one of the largest and most authoritative market intelligence services available.

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MarketResearch.com Honored for Improving Its Search Capabilities on Profound

We are thrilled to announce that MarketResearch.com was honored with the Elastic 2023 Excellence Search Business Transformation Award, which was presented at the 2024 ElasticON event in New York on March 26, 2024.

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How Profound Works in a University Setting

Profound is a premier business intelligence solution with more than one million market research reports from hundreds of global publishers. The platform allows users to stretch their research budgets by purchasing individual sections — such as chapters, tables, and charts — rather than having to buy full reports. 

Profound is used by many well-known consulting firms and banks, but it’s also a tool that’s helpful for students who need access to market research. 

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Market Research Budget 101: An Entrepreneur’s Guide

Once you have found that great idea for your business, it’s crucial to determine whether your product or service can meet the needs of your target customers and achieve sustained growth. Big brand companies have the resources to spend millions of dollars on research and development every year, but start-ups and small businesses have much tighter budgets.

Fortunately, with a strategic approach and the right tools and resources, you can obtain the market research you need to minimize risk and increase your chances of financial success. Follow these tips to make the most of your start-up research budget.

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7 Ways to Ensure Your Start-Up Is a Success

Prior to launching in 2000, JetBlue identified a variety of unmet consumer needs. Its market analysis showed that airline passengers were willing to pass on hot meals and first-class cabins in favor of in-flight entertainment and upgraded leather seating.

JetBlue understood that its target customers were looking for more than cheap tickets — they also wanted a relaxing in-flight experience and a few unique amenities. With a mission to “bring humanity back to air travel,” JetBlue soon drew a loyal following of customers. Less than two years after it opened for business, JetBlue was one of the few U.S. airlines to make a profit during the steep drop in air travel following the September 11 attacks.

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Product Abstracts Give Profound Users More Context

Profound is committed to delivering an exceptional user experience — one that is simple and intuitive — so that you can access the information you need instantly. From the moment you log on to our platform, we want you to feel confident that you have the all right tools to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

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Publisher Spotlight: Q&A with the Freedonia Group

In this series, we spotlight specific publishers on Profound and MarketResearch.com. Through Q&A discussions, we highlight each publisher's unique expertise and how they help businesses get the insights they need to achieve mission-critical objectives. Today, we’re interviewing the Freedonia Group, a leading international market research company that publishes more than 400 studies annually. Learn more about them in the post below.

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The Kenan Institute at UNC Uses Profound to Aid Start-Ups

The Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise at the University of North Carolina supports entrepreneurial development and job creation in regions across the state. Through a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, the Kenan Institute recently launched Technology Commercialization Carolina, a new initiative that promotes tech-based start-ups.

To drive business innovation and promote economic growth, the Kenan Institute provides research services to UNC faculty and a diverse client base across a wide array of industries. The Kenan Institute creates custom analytical reports for entrepreneurs who need current market data to develop business plans and secure funding. Although the Kenan Institute has access to a robust university library system, its staff needed a wider breadth of market research.

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Publisher Spotlight: Q&A with GlobalData

In our publisher spotlight series, we are taking a closer look at specific publishers on Profound and MarketResearch.com. Through Q&A discussions, we highlight each publisher's unique expertise and how they help businesses achieve growth and overcome challenges. Today, we’re interviewing GlobalData, a top research firm that provides actionable insights into the energy and healthcare markets. Learn more about them in the post below.

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How to Use Market Research to Minimize Risk

Managing business risks is a key priority for many companies large and small — especially during tumultuous economic times. One way to protect your business is to conduct ongoing market research. By using expert industry analysis, you can avoid costly mistakes, forecast potential market fluctuations, and create an environment for success.

Market research is also critical during “make or break” moments, such as a new product launch. With the right data on hand, you will be better equipped to evaluate risks and rewards and make decisions that will pay off over the long term.

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