New White Papers and Resources on the Market Impact of COVID-19

Portrait of a surgeon wearing a surgical mask in a hospitalThe COVID-19 pandemic presents a serious economic threat and has led to widespread disruption and volatility around the world.

To provide expert analysis and perspective for these challenging times, released two new white papers about the potential market impact of COVID-19.

impact of coronavirus on the pet industryPet Market Bulletin: Assessing Coronavirus Pandemic Impacts on the Pet Industry

In this white paper, Packaged Facts provides an initial assessment of COVID-19’s likely effects on the U.S. pet market and offers predictions about which sectors will take the hardest blows and which could get a boost. 

white paper on market impact of coronavirusCoronavirus (COVID-19) Executive Briefing

GlobalData’s executive briefing explores the COVID-19 outbreak, its impact on the economy, and implications for a wide range of sectors, including  automotive, banking & payments, construction, consumer, foodservice, healthcare, insurance, medical, mining, oil & gas, packaging, pharma, power, retail, technology & telecom, and travel & tourism.

Articles on COVID-19 Industry Impact

Featured Reports and Updates on COVID-19

In addition to these free resources, offers syndicated market reports and research updates related to COVID-19.

Several new notable titles include:

Our collection of reports is continually updated. To see more reports on this topic, visit's page on COVID-19.

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