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Sarah Schmidt

Sarah Schmidt is a Managing Editor at, a leading provider of global market intelligence products and services.

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Market Research

Market research serves a critical function for achieving growth and reducing business risk.

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The Freedonia Group Now Publishes Annual Data in Addition to 5-Year Forecasts

The Freedonia Group is now publishing annual data in addition to 5-year forecasts in our industry studies going forward, which will double the amount of tables in each new report.

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Key Facts About the Market Research Industry

The market research industry has grown over the last five years, but global economic conditions could challenge corporate profit margins and impact research expenditures in the future. What should companies in this industry expect in the years to come?

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Have you heard of Academic? It’s a popular market research subscription service that is used by a wide variety of academic institutions, from small business development centers to large state universities and Ivy League schools.

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7 Key Factors to Know About the U.S. Travel Industry

There's no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic took a heavy toll on the U.S. travel industry, but a recovery is currently underway.

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Top 7 Things to Know About the Growing Plant-Based Market

“Plant-based” is the latest buzzword gracing the covers of magazines, cookbooks, and food packaging.

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Key Insights from the Latest Sustainability Market Research Reports

Environmental sustainability is a major trend impacting a broad range of industries, and many different market research publishers have released new reports covering this topic from every angle.

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Labor Shortages and the Impact on the U.S. Economy

In the U.S., the ongoing labor shortage is having far-reaching effects, from intensifying inflation and supply chain disruption, to extending wait times for online orders and home renovation projects, according to Peter Kusnic, Research Analyst at The Freedonia Group.

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News Articles Featuring Data and Insights from

The news media frequently relies on as a trusted source of market data and analyst perspectives.

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Top Trends Impacting the Packaging Machinery Industry

Packaging machinery plays an essential role across a wide variety of industries including food and beverage, personal care, chemicals, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

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