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Market Research Team_350.jpgAs technology changes and market conditions shift, businesses must adapt to a variety of pressing challenges and opportunities. Understanding current market conditions and accurately forecasting future trends is crucial for long-term business success, whether you are an executive, marketing manager, consultant, entrepreneur, or analyst.

To help you stay ahead, the blog highlights newly published industry analysis from a variety of market research firms. Our articles help you get smart quickly about an industry and access expert resources to guide strategic planning.

Here’s a look at the top 15 most-viewed posts published in 2017.

1.) Projected 2017 Trends in the Pet Industry

Americans are spending more on their pets than ever before, and expenditures continue to rise. By 2020, the U.S. pet industry is expected to reach $96 billion in sales. Find out what trends are expected to shape this growing industry, with insights from research firm Packaged Facts.

2.) 12 Leading Companies in Clinical Laboratory Services

Clinical laboratory services improve a physician’s ability to treat patients and enhance healthcare outcomes while also reducing costs. Approximately 80% of physicians’ diagnoses are a result of laboratory tests. Learn about the 12 top players in the clinical laboratory services market, according to Kalorama Information.

3.) Global Skincare Market to Reach $135 Billion by 2021

This article pulls together interesting findings from a variety of skincare market research reports and identifies several important trends related to organic skincare, facial oils, anti-aging products, and South Korean skincare.

4.) The Wedding Industry in 2017 and Beyond

Thanks to a stronger economy, the U.S. wedding industry hit $72 billion in revenue in 2016, according to a report by IBISWorld.  That’s good news for the 300,000-plus wedding vendors operating in the U.S., including ceremony and reception venues, DJs, coordinators, photographers, caterers, hair and make-up artists, limo drivers, and more.

5.) Top 5 Trends in the Electronics Industry

The global electrical and electronics manufacturing market is expected to reach $3 trillion by 2020, with Asia Pacific as the largest market by geographic region and China the biggest market by country. Learn more about these and other findings from a report by The Business Research Company on our blog.

6.) 6 Booming Industries to Watch in 2018

Finding the next hot growth market is not always easy. Even industry titans can be blindsided by disruption and change. Drawing on a vast collection of studies and proprietary research, expert analysts at The Freedonia Group identified six booming industries for 2018. Some of them may surprise you.

7.) 5 Top Apparel Industry Trends in 2017

The apparel industry is undergoing massive transformation. In a short video presentation, Jack W. Plunkett, CEO of Plunkett Research Ltd., highlights several key trends in the apparel industry, ranging from fast fashion to the rise of direct-to-consumer selling. 

8.) 5 Major Trends That Are Transforming the Professional Services Market

The global professional services market is forecast to register a 5.4% growth rate from 2016 to 2020, reaching almost $5 trillion. The Business Research Company discusses top strategies used by professional service firms to gain a competitive edge.

9.) New Catering Industry Analysis: Revenue on the Rise

As consumer spending and corporate profits increase, more households and businesses will host catered events such as wedding receptions, luncheons, and trade shows. But just how big is the market, and what are the major drivers and constraints? Read this article to find out.

10.) The U.S. Frozen Food Industry: New Analysis & Forecasts

The U.S. frozen food market is forecast to reach $72.98 billion by 2024, according to a study by Grand View Research. Despite overall market growth, frozen food brands face ongoing challenges, as consumer preferences shift and competition increases.

11.) Global Recruitment Industry Outlook for 2017

Recruitment is being disrupted by technology — creating a host of new changes and opportunities in the years ahead. This article provides a quick overview of the industry and highlights top recruiting companies, trends, and challenges.

12.) The Beverage Industry: New Forecasts and Trends

The beverage industry is evolving rapidly, with a variety of hot growth sectors shaking up the status quo. Read this article to learn about the markets for bottled water, alcoholic beverages, coffee and tea, and energy and sports drinks.

13.) The Big List of Global Market Research Publishers

While some readers are looking for country-specific market research, many are also on the hunt for global market research, including comprehensive data analysis and forecasts. This blog post highlights 22 market intelligence firms on that offer syndicated market research reports with global coverage.

14.) 16 Leading Companies in the Global CRISPR Market

The field of gene editing is expanding rapidly.  According to Inkwood Research, the global CRISPR market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 35% from 2016-2022. Learn which companies are considered leading market players in this post.

15.) 4 Major Trends to Follow in the Veterinary Services Industry

Groundbreaking technological advances are transforming the veterinary services industry — expanding treatment options and boosting potential revenue growth. Key trends include big data, wearable technologies, and more.

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