An Interview with Kentley Insights, a New Publisher on Academic

Kentley Insights Academic recently expanded its collection of research to include subscription access to Kentley Insights, a leader in data-rich market research reports.

Today’s blog post features an interview with Joe Newsum, the Founder of Kentley Insights. He shares helpful information about what differentiates Kentley Insights and how students can make use of the reports.

Tell us about your expertise as a market research publisher.

I founded Kentley Insights after my years at McKinsey with the goal of creating affordable data-rich industry reports. Every time I started a new consulting project, I needed to create a fact base about the industry... the size, growth, profitability, operating cost breakdown, inflation, employee dynamics, consolidation, and firm dynamics, among other things. Kentley Insights' reports deliver that fact base at an attractive price point, which has led to our tremendous growth. We're excited to bring our expertise to the academic community. 

What type of market research reports do you offer?

Kentley Insights offers 3,700+ reports covering 1,200 industries and 2,000+ product lines. Our U.S. industry reports provide a 360-degree historical and forecasted view of an industry with coverage of over 1,200 industries in the services, manufacturing, and retail sectors. While our global market size and growth reports cover over 2,000+ product lines with historical and forecasted market sizes across 216 countries. 

Who is your main customer base?

Our customer base is primarily consulting and accounting firms, banks and private equity firms, and company executives, who are looking for a data-rich statistical fact base of an industry or product line. 

What do your existing customers have to say about your research?

Customers appreciate the extensive data sets and timeliness of the reports. In today's world of constantly changing dynamics, accurate and timely data is critical for strategic decisions. 

What kind of problems does your market research help clients solve?

Our research helps clients create a snapshot of an industry for their strategic needs such as benchmarking, assessing opportunities, cutting costs, growth initiatives, organizational design, sales & marketing strategy, market sizing, and other strategic initiatives. 

What differentiates you from other market research publishers?

Kentley Insights differentiates on data coverage and value. We provide 100+ data sets and 30+ forecasts in each U.S. industry report, and market sizing across 216 countries in our global market size and growth reports for only $295 per report.

How would a student use your reports? How are your reports helpful for academic coursework?

Students need solid fact bases for their research and coursework, which our reports will provide them. Whether they need to understand the total addressable market, industry dynamics, benchmark companies against the industry, or create a business plan, we have them covered. 

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