Top 3 Reasons Educators Should Subscribe to Education Market Advisor

EMAstack_blogSimba Information’s biweekly newsletter Education Market Advisor serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking insider intelligence on the news, insights, and trends shaping the education industry.

Read by leading industry players across K-12 and higher education publishing, this newsletter keeps readers informed about key hot topics such as book banning, AI in the classroom, social emotional learning, enrollment trends, teacher shortages, and much more.

While the majority of Simba’s readership has traditionally been comprised of corporate clients, we are now opening up the newsletter to educators—including researchers, graduate students, and faculty—who could also benefit from the newsletter’s expert analysis.

Curious to learn more? Here are three great reasons for educators to subscribe to this unique resource.

1. Stay Informed about Critical Issues Shaping Education

With a particular focus on the publishing business side of education, Education Market Advisor analyzes important issues affecting stakeholders, including larger education publishers, edtech companies, start-ups, and providers of instructional materials to K-12 and higher education.

Key topics include:

  • The impact of the banned books movement on publishing and teaching
  • Best practices and challenges when bringing AI into the classroom
  • How schools are responding to teacher shortages
  • New teaching products that address learning loss
  • Integrating culturally responsive learning
  • How social and emotional learning impacts teaching
  • What the science of reading offers for students
  • The impact of declining enrollment trends on universities
  • Where the surprising rise of home schooling may impact all teachers
  • How online learning is evolving post pandemic
  • Maintaining civic dialog in the classroom during contentious times

Subscribing to Education Market Advisor ensures access to comprehensive and timely information about highly impactful issues, presented with a unique industry perspective that is difficult to find anywhere else.

2. Obtain Cutting-Edge Research from a Trusted Source

Education Market Advisor is published by Simba Information, the leading authority for forecasts and market intelligence on the education and professional publishing industries for over 40 years. Simba Information is a brand of The Freedonia Group, part of

Simba’s analysts are journalism-based and conduct primary research and industry interviews to explain the impact of trends and events. With an independent perspective, Education Market Advisor tracks policies and disruptive technologies that could reshape the education landscape and helps you put these changes in context.

3. Lock in Significant Savings

Education Market Advisor is offering its newsletter subscription to educators at a significantly reduced price compared to standard corporate pricing—making it a convenient and affordable opportunity for a wide audience.

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