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Perry Hope Partners LogoDid you know MarketResearch.com Academic expanded its subscription offerings to include Perry/Hope Partners?

Perry/Hope Partners publishes innovative market forecast reports on 2,000+ cutting-edge markets, such as 3D printing, cryptocurrency, and cloud computing.

Read our interview with Perry/Hope Partners below to learn more about their research and how students use it.

Tell us about your expertise as a market research publisher.

Perry/Hope Partners has been publishing market research reports since 2014. Our partners gained their market research experience in the trade association industry, publishing market sizing reports for various U.S. industries. Our analysts are hired for their expertise in manufacturing and retail sectors. 

What type of market research reports do you offer?

Our market research reports primarily focus on industries, consumer product markets, and what we call innovative markets (new markets and products that have not been defined by most government statistical bureaus).

Who is your main customer base?

While we publish our reports for everyone to access, we have found that our main customers are investment banks and corporations in the financial market. Companies in various industries are also the main customer base, as they are purchasing reports for market sizing and forecasting uses. University libraries and researchers are a third main customer group.

What do your existing customers have to say about your research?

Many customers use our reports as a starting point in their industry and product market research efforts. We offer full-service market research services for customers who find they need additional insights beyond what they find in our annually published reports. While most customers do not offer their reviews of our publications, we are gratified that most customers find our reports useful as we rarely receive a refund request or complaint.

What kind of problems does your market research help clients solve?

Market sizing is a primary use of our reports. Market sizing data helps users find business opportunities and market penetration for their corporation. Forecast data is also useful for budgeting purposes and investment decisions.

What differentiates you from other market research publishers?

Perry/Hope Partners focuses on statistical data so that we can provide a cost-effective report for our users. Many full market research reports provide lists of companies and extensive written analysis which makes those reports very expensive. Many users only need the market sizing and/or forecasting data and are happy to pay a lower price for only that data. We also call our data "consensus estimates" because we double-check our data versus many other sources (trade associations, trade journals). We have found that in the last few years the market research publishing market has been flooded with new companies that have data that are far outside an acceptable range, which points to low-quality research efforts.

How would a student use your reports? How are your reports helpful for academic coursework?

We are contacted frequently by students who have questions regarding the methodology and definitions in our reports. The students are using our reports for business research projects such as business development projects (to calculate market penetration or competitive intelligence).

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