Academic Releases New Website

Academic-logoAfter months of planning, hard work, and dedication, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the brand-new Academic website.

The new platform dramatically improves the user experience for students and faculty at more than 100 universities around the world — making it quick and easy for users to access the same world-class market research used by business professionals and Fortune 500 companies daily.

“Everyone is very excited about the new website and already giving great feedback,” says Lisa Raker, the Senior Academic Account Manager at Academic.

The new platform at includes the following upgrades:

New Full-Text Search Engine

The Academic service now offers full-text searching inside the body of the entire research document to find keywords that are perhaps not mentioned in the title or abstract of the reports. This vastly increases the relevance of our search engine and the capabilities to find useful content within the report.

“You’ll get more search results with the new interface,” Lisa explains. “The best example I have is if a report on ice cream mentioned salted caramel in the body of the document but not in the title, abstract, or table of contents, on the old platform, you’d get no results for that report if you searched for 'salted caramel.' On the new one, you get the hit. Expand this capability to hundreds of reports on Academic, and you get much better search results.”

Improved Accessibility and Appearance

Users will not only be drawn to the sleek, modern design, they’ll also benefit from enhanced accessibility. We have designed the new service to meet the standards of AA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Accessibility is extremely important to us, and the new service brings us onto modern technology that allows the site to be used by a wider audience.

Ability to Enhance Your Subscription

With the new platform, you can purchase global licenses from our parent site and host them on your Academic database.

“For instance, you could buy a bundle of reports on a hot topic area like cannabis, and purchase Cannabis Packaging Opportunities, Cannabis Growing Market, and Cannabis Growing in Canada and have those reports available on the Academic site,” Lisa says.

See the Platform for Yourself

Learn more about Academic and see the new platform with our quick video.


Please contact Lisa Raker with any questions or comments at 301.461.8703 (U.S.) or +1.240.747.3025 (international). You can also email her at

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