How Market Research Predicts Cloud Computing Can Reach Untapped Potential

Over the last dozen or so years, the Cloud Computing (CC) industry has made monumental strides, and there seems to be no shortage of opinions and analysis around the CC solution having huge potential across many applications. In fact, several analysts expect the market to eventually reach hundreds of billions of dollars from an estimated $35.6 billion in 2013. However, market size does not appear to be the question. The pressing issues for the CC industry lie in its security, business adoption/transformation and infrastructure, which will have a significant impact on when that market potential can be realized.

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Top 10 App Trends For Cloud Computing |

The Cloud has changed the way we go through our day.  From the moment we wake up, we're updating our statuses on social networks and checking work e-mails before the coffee hits the cup.  An online community manager can access the administrator functions from his iPad.  A marketing manager can check Google Analytics from her Android smartphone.  The cloud computing market has enveloped our modern society and streamlined our days.

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Can Business Data Be Secure in the Cloud? |

In the past year, it seems that just about every daily news cycle contains a scary story about corporations, governments or news organizations being 'hacked."  With all of the advantages inherent with using the cloud, there are underlying questions of data security.  For example, here is a partial list of American companies hit by shadowy groups or individuals who penetrated private databases via email, social networks, or by accessing cloud data storage centers within the first few weeks of 2013:

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How The Cloud Has Changed Internet Technology |

The words the cloud first popped up in technology and computer developer circles in 1994.  In brief, the cloud describes a third-party system that houses digital and data-based information on remote servers.

Since 1994, cloud computing has become more streamlined, affordable and widespread.  It has allowed companies large and small to save money on the storage of internal digital data -- including of accounting information, content archives and other sensitive categories of data.

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