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Smartphone: E-Commerce Kingmaker

Posted by Matthew Rolfe

Aug 29, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Like it or loathe it, it seems like everyone has one. No, not “an opinion,” a smartphone.

How many people in the US have a smartphone? About 60% of the total population in 2015. No small feat, considering the devices really only gained consumer market traction when Apple introduced the first-generation iPhone in June 2007.

What’s driving smartphone adoption? It certainly isn’t the ability to share meaningful voice conversations with friends and family — you don’t need a smartphone for that. The real value lays in the ever-expanding range of capabilities smartphones possess and the services they can access.

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Topics: E-commerce & IT Outsourcing, Consumer Electronics, Industry Insights, The Freedonia Group

What Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speeches Say About Candidates

Posted by Gina Zuercher

Aug 25, 2016 8:30:00 AM

The media has covered voter perceptions of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s presidential acceptance speeches to great length. Some have suggested that voters perceive the overall tone of the RNC, and specifically Trump’s acceptance speech, to be one of doom and gloom, and the tone of the DNC and Clinton’s speech to be one of hope and forward movement.

But is that true? To understand the nomination speeches, Beall Research analyzed them using a proprietary digital listening tool. We typically use this tool to reveal emotions, psychological processes, and cognitive processes for consumer brands, products, and services. We were curious what our tool would reveal about Trump and Clinton’s acceptance speeches.

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Topics: Market Research Strategy, Public Sector, Media

The Truth About Wine Packaging: From Bottles to Boxes

Posted by Mike Richardson

Aug 24, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Wine incites passion — in winemakers and sommeliers, in world-renowned wine writers, and in people who have the occasional glass with dinner or keep a bottle or two around the house. 

Whether it’s a celebrated vintage from a bygone era purchased at auction or an inexpensive selection grabbed from a display near the cash register for a quick weeknight dinner or Sunday picnic, wine needs to be protected from oxygen. It’s the packaging that does this, and while that packaging doesn’t stir the kind of emotion that the wine inside may, many people are very opinionated about how the wines they drink are packaged. 

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing & Construction, Industry Insights, Heavy Industry, The Freedonia Group

Innovation Stirs Up Change for US Household Cooking Appliances

Posted by Zach Frye

Aug 23, 2016 8:30:00 AM

It is said that sooner or later, all that is old is new again. When it comes to household cooking appliances, all that is old needs to be replaced again — eventually.

The need for replacement is the fundamental driver of demand for US household cooking appliances, which include gas cooking appliances, electric cooking appliances, and microwave ovens. Consumers often buy a new model upon moving into a new home, or when an old appliance becomes nonfunctional or outdated. Of course, purchase decisions are influenced by key trends.

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Topics: House & Home, Industry Insights, The Freedonia Group

eSports Is a Booming Industry with Huge Growth Potential

Posted by Robert Kaminsky

Aug 22, 2016 8:39:49 AM

As the current craze over Pokemon Go demonstrates, the age of electronic gaming has more than arrived. What many don’t know, however, is that the age of eSports has dawned as well. If you are saying to yourself, “What the heck is eSports?” you are not alone, but that does not mean eSports is not big business.

eSports (a.k.a. electronic sports or professional gaming) is a growing market where athletes compete via computers rather than on a field or in a stadium. So instead of watching football, baseball, or basketball, fans of these sports are watching StarCraft II, League of Legends, and Dota2.

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Topics: Travel & Leisure, Industry Insights

Protecting the Environment, One Shopping Cart at a Time

Posted by Daniel Debelius

Aug 19, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Environmental protection has an increasingly noticeable impact on consumer products. One major change has been both the makeup of available products in the marketplace and the composition of chemicals used, with producers gradually shifting to more environmentally friendly options. While this transformation is due in large part to regulations and environmental laws, consumer preference is undoubtedly shaping the industry from the front end.

Consumers prefer green products because they are seen as safer and cleaner than traditionally manufactured alternatives. From organic shampoos and lotions to bio-based cleaning products to natural paints and coatings, green products are becoming increasingly prevalent in the modern marketplace.

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Topics: Materials & Chemicals, Heavy Industry

Ways to Present Simple and Complex Data

Posted by Alison Wolf

Aug 18, 2016 8:30:00 AM

In our data-driven age, are you searching for ways to present your story in a concise way? With more quantitative or qualitative data than ever, the ability to visualize your insights effectively is a critical skill.

We’re here to help you summarize and display information in a clear, understandable format. When presenting data analyses, you have the choice of bar and pie charts, line graphs, and frequency distribution tables, just to name a few. The table below explains these three types of data presentation styles and includes some tips to help you make the most of each format.

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Topics: Market Research Strategy, Custom Market Research, The Freedonia Group

The US Cocktail Culture and the Rising Demand for Spirits

Posted by Erica Keenan

Aug 17, 2016 8:30:00 AM

US demand for distilled spirits is forecast rise 2.2% annually, amounting to 580 million gallons in 2020. Even in a country expected to total nearly 335 million people, that’s a lot of booze. 

The distilled spirits industry can thank Don Draper, the alcohol swilling ad man from the retro-themed television show Mad Men, for reigniting a cocktail culture among US consumers, particularly millennials. While Draper might have ordered a simple Old Fashioned (or three?) with lunch, today’s drinkers are more creative; cocktails with exotic inspirations — created, of course, by bartenders refashioned as “mixologists” — are de rigueur at many bars and a growing number of restaurants.

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Industry Insights, The Freedonia Group

Cool Drink Offerings Bring Heat to US Cup and Lid Sales

Posted by Katie Wieser

Aug 16, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Summer is the season of blockbuster movies, weekend barbecues, garden weddings, and, of course, chain restaurants making every attempt to lure in new customers with seasonal cold beverage offerings. This year alone, we saw Starbucks introduce its blended Granitas drinks (only available after 3 pm as a part of its Sunset Menu), Chick-fil-A debut a frozen lemonade, and Checkers and Rally’s whip up six different frozen drinks and smoothies as a part of its new Chill Spot menu.

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Topics: Food & Beverage, Manufacturing & Construction, Industry Insights, Heavy Industry, The Freedonia Group

MarketResearch.com Delivers Research as a Service

Posted by Scott Friedlander

Aug 11, 2016 8:39:46 AM

As a leading market research provider, MarketResearch.com offers a full suite of business intelligence solutions to help clients answer their toughest business questions. MarketResearch.com uses a research-as-a-service model, which provides secure cloud-based platforms where users can get instant access to the latest market research while saving time and maximizing their ROI.

Through MarketResearch.com’s diverse solutions, clients can pick and choose the right selection of products and services to fit their specific needs and budget.

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Topics: Market Research Strategy, Market Research Provider

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