M2M & IoT: A New Industry? Or a Different Way to View Existing Applications?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has an ever-evolving definition. Each week, a different company hypes a different definition that includes pieces of the market and ignores others. So, how does Compass Intelligence, a leading provider of Telecom market information, define this space? Take the scenario of a city. There are various public and private elements that add up to a city: homes, commercial buildings, government buildings, factories & industrial, infrastructure, transportation, government services, and the list goes on. Each of these elements has “things.” A commercial building has access control, video surveillance, HVAC, offices, elevators, parking structures, sprinklers, energy management, demand response… and the list continues on. The same goes for each of the elements listed above that add to a city.

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Scholarly & Professional E-Books Outgrow More Fashionable Trade Cousins

Mention the market for e-books and most folks flash to a vision of fashion-forward urbanites wielding the latest reading device or tablet while sipping a latte in the park.

Newspapers, magazines and bloggers love to discuss consumer e-books—it’s sexier, more connected to leisure, art, culture and how people read these days—but it is not the heart and soul of the e-book market.

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Tech Start-Ups Challenging the Status Quo in Educational Publishing

The educational publishing industry traditionally has been dominated by the large textbook publishers and a few large instructional software providers. However, that has shifted. New technology companies are sprouting, changing and challenging traditional ways of providing education in schools and colleges. Investors are paying attention and pouring millions of dollars into ed tech startups in the hopes of a huge return.

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Big Data, Analytics, & the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) remains largely an amorphous construct with many different meanings to many different constituents. One thing that is clear, however, is that it represents a next generation set of technologies, systems, networks, platforms, devices, solutions and services that will transform virtually every industry vertical. Those industries that are not transformed by IoT are also those that are destined for significant contraction. IoT will also transform consumer lifestyles and lead to a new world of possibilities in terms of how people view virtual objects and interact between virtual and physical assets.

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Recruitment & Retention: The Value of Market Research for Professional & Trade Associations

Recruitment, retention, recruitment, retention, recruitment, retention!

The goal remains the same as professional and trade associations are plagued by similar ongoing pressures that lurked back 20 plus years ago. However, the job of providing a unique value that meets the expectations of members and justifies membership dues is a tougher task today given the current economic challenges and the widespread use of  technology, which now supports networking capabilities through social media and more available access to industry information, two key benefits once exclusive to many associations.

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Smart Cities & Their Supporting Technologies

As smartphone penetration continues to increase, smartphone apps and well-implemented technology can help city authorities save money and become more efficient. However, there is much more than smartphones involved, including the networks that support cellular communications (LTE, LTE-Advanced, WiFi, etc.). 

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Projected Trends in the Banking Industry for 2015, Part 2

A Series Identifying Trends, Challenges and Opportunities Banks and Bankers Will Face in 2015

In Part-1 of this three-part series, Banking Reports, Ltd. Research, a leading banking industry research firm, identified the first three, out of a total of 10, trends that will impact the banking industry throughout 2015, including: Apple Pay, FED rate-hike and African banking. In this second installment, we will take a look at trends in the Chinese banking system, crypto-currencies and commodity-sensitive economies.

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U.S. GAO Report Highlights Need for More Market Research in Public Sector

The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) published a report that was made public on October 9, 2014, concluding a two year study of the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to closely examine how these agencies use market research.  Their findings indicated that the market research guidance of all three agencies studied, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), was consistent with federal regulations but all failed to acceptably collect and analyze market information about vendor capabilities in the three most important phases of a procurement’s life cycle: Presolicitation (before developing new required documents and before soliciting offers), Preaward (during the proposal evaluation process to determine price reasonableness) and Postaward (before awarding task).

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The Value of Profound.com for the Public Sector

The use of Profound.com can be a powerful tool for anyone in the Public Sector looking for accurate and unbiased research from key industry experts or to help them write case studies, white papers or cite additional sources for agency publications. Profound is an online business information service from MarketResearch.com that conveniently aggregates more than 200 leading publishers with coverage spanning approximately 28 verticals and 700 industry segments. So, how exactly can those in the Public Sector benefit from Profound? Why is Profound the right information retrieval application for your agency? What is the cost/benefit tradeoff from purchasing the solution?

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Market Research Publisher Spotlight: Frost & Sullivan

MarketResearch.com partners with over 700 publishers to offer customers the most comprehensive collection of diverse business intelligence. Each publisher has its own story and offers unique and insightful perspective into the industries they cover. This week, MarketResearch.com is spotlighting global multi-industry information provider Frost & Sullivan. Read on to learn more about Frost & Sullivan and their products.

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