Veterinary Diagnostics: Disease Threats to Animals Continues to Boost Need for New Tests

The diseases that can affect cattle, pigs and other livestock and endanger the food supply are numerous, yet still growing. Swine fever, neosporosis, foot-and-mouth disease and other diseases are among the threats to animals that humans eat. Test makers have answered the call to develop products that can help food manufacturers and government agencies protect livestock and ensure a safe food supply at the beginning of the chain. For this reason, the Veterinary Diagnostics market can expect healthy revenue growth, according to insights from a Kalorama Information report on the topic.

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How The Myriad Genetics Patent Dispute Impacts The IVD Market

The recent Supreme Court ruling on the Myriad Genetics patent dispute was monumental for the IVD market.  Its 17-year monopoly on BRCA testing for genetic risk for breast, ovarian cancer was brought to an end.  According to Kalorama Information, this decision couldn't have come any sooner. In my opinion, they're right.

In plain terms, the Supreme Court ruled that a company can't patent genes that naturally exist. On the other hand, genes that are developed by a company in a lab comfortably fall under intellectual property protection.  This is good news for the sake of innovation and progress in the Cancer Diagnostics market. Human genes can't be patented.  It should be common sense, but we all know that common sense isn’t always common.

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