Weekly Wrap-Up: August 2, 2019

weekly wrap-up 8/2/19Check out all the latest headlines from MarketResearch.com and its publishers, with this week's analysis covering the rising popularity of mobile payments, dialysis clinic market drivers, top educational publishers in the K-12 market, and much more.

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Mobile Payment Trends Create Growth in Global Food E-Commerce

The popularity of mobile payments in countries like China, India, and South Korea may signal positive prospects for the growth of the Asian food e-commerce market.

Private Label Credit Cards: Retailer-Specific Mobile App Use on the Rise

Retailers are developing increasingly sophisticated retailer-specific apps, which often include myriad payment and loan options.

Cannabis Growing Supplies in North America: 4 Key Markets to Watch

The market for legal cannabis in the U.S. and Canada is rapidly expanding. This spells good news for suppliers of the consumables and equipment needed to cultivate, distribute, and sell it.

13 Leading Educational Publishers in the PreK-12 School Market

A new report from Simba Information draws on on nationwide research and interviews with education publishing industry executives, school educators, and other experts to assess shifting publisher strategies.

U.S. Kidney Dialysis Clinics Form a Profitable $24 Billion Industry

According to Marketdata, the large competitors in the pricey U.S. kidney dialysis market have enjoyed a near monopoly for years. However, changes are coming that could hamper that growth and profitability.

Meet Karen Meaney, Senior Analyst/Editor at Simba Information

Get to know Karen Meaney, a senior analyst/editor with Simba Information who has authored more than 24 reports on the educational publishing industry.

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