5 Hot Pet Innovations for 2021

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Innovative pet tech products automate tedious pet care tasks and help support better pet health.

Sales growth rates of pet tech products doubled or tripled those of most other non-food pet supplies categories, according to research from  according to research from U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2021-2022 by Packaged Facts.  by Packaged Facts.  Sales of smart pet tech products neared half a billion dollars in 2019.

Demand is expected to remain high for smart pet technologies with innovative features that offer added safety and convenience.

“Americans love their pets. And they love their devices. Pet tech products satisfy both affections by creating a closer bond between pet and owner, and by using technology to make pet care easier,” says David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts.

Whether you want new ways to monitor, entertain, or feed your pet, there’s a growing array of smart devices that offer creative, technology-driven solutions to help keep pets happy and healthy, even when you are away from home.

Here’s a look at five key pet technology trends for 2021 and 2022, based on research from Packaged Facts.

1. Pet wearables

Want to know how your dog is doing, or track its activity levels when you’re gone? Devices like FitBark can give you a window into your dog’s daily habits.

These monitors clip onto a dog’s collar and automatically log its distance traveled, sleep, and calories burned through a smartphone app. They also allow you to share information with your veterinarian.

2. Smart pet doors

If you’ve ever had a racoon or neighborhood cat wander into your house through the dog door, now there’s a new way to prevent unwanted intruders. The Microchip Pet Door from SurePetcare allows pet owners to control the pet door remotely with the use of a smartphone.

The pet door will only open when it reads your pet’s microchip or RFID tag. You can also receive notifications when your pet leaves or enters the house and choose to keep your pet indoors at certain times of day.

3. High-tech pet crates and beds

Soothing your anxious dog — even when you’re away — may have gotten easier with the help of technology. ZenCrate by Plug and Play Robotics is designed to relieve your dog’s stress with motion-sensor-activated fans and a calming playlist that turns on when your pet goes inside the crate.

4. Smart pet toys

Technology can also help keep your pet entertained when they are home alone. CleverPet Hub is a smart pet toy with a treat-dispensing game for dogs and cats. The toy’s touchpads light up and make noise in different sequences, and the pet must tap the correct touchpad to get a treat. The software can adjust the difficulty level with longer patterns as an agility and memory puzzle to keep pets busy.

Another innovative pet toy is the Pebby Smart Ball, a smartphone-controlled ball that uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a built-in camera to allow you to maneuver it remotely. You can also select an auto-play feature to keep your pet entertained when you’re busy.

5. Smart pet feeders and bowls

Busy pet owners can get peace of mind by programing their dog or cat's feeder to dispense dry food on a personalized schedule. Automatic dog and cat feeders offer advanced features such as a Wi-Fi connection, food level sensors, voice recognition, and the ability to program multiple feedings and track consumption. Product examples include Arf Pets, PetSafe, and WESTLINK.

Additional pet tech products

Other innovative pet tech products include DNA health screening kits for pets, camera monitors and treat dispensers, and smart litter boxes.

While the popularity of specific smart pet products will vary, innovative pet products have become a big business — one that is expected to expand in the coming year with new innovations across a range of categories. Staying connected with your pet will be easier than ever.

Get More Pet Market Consumer Insights

For more information on the latest pet product trends, read U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2021-2022 by Packaged Facts, a leading market research firm known for its expertise on the pet industry. This report analyzes current and projects future retail sales and trends across the U.S. pet industry. 

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