An Overview of International Data Corporation (IDC): Your Top Questions Answered

International Data Corporation (IDC) is a leading global provider of market insights, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and consumer technology markets. Thousands of market research reports by IDC are currently available on

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An Overview of Grand View Research: Your Top Questions Answered

Grand View Research offers market research reports across a wide range of industries to help clients make informed business decisions. More than 4,000 market research reports by Grand View Research are currently available on

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7 Popular Sources for Company Information and Research

Industry executives, consultants, and sales professionals often need accurate, up-to-date information about a company for a variety of business and competitive intelligence goals, such as:

  • Understanding a company’s financial health and key business segments
  • Identifying and qualifying potential customers, affiliates, and suppliers
  • Searching for investment and acquisition targets
  • Capitalizing on a competitor’s weaknesses
  • Increasing sales by understanding a clients’ businesses better
  • Tracking corporate news such as restructuring, business expansion, and contract wins
  • Accessing key employees to initiate business deals
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A Quick Guide to Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is “an ongoing, holistic knowledge of all aspects of the marketplace,” according to Quirk’s Marketing Research Review. Market intelligence provides a high-level view by analyzing many different business areas including competitors, products, market dynamics, and customer insights.

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An Overview of IBISWorld: Your Top Questions Answered

IBISWorld is a prominent global research firm that provides up-to-date market information on a wide variety of industries and business sectors. More than 5,000 industry reports by IBISWorld are currently available on

To help you better understand this research provider and their unique expertise, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about IBISWorld.

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The Freedonia Group Now Publishes Annual Data in Addition to 5-Year Forecasts

The Freedonia Group is now publishing annual data in addition to 5-year forecasts in our industry studies going forward, which will double the amount of tables in each new report.

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Have you heard of Academic? It’s a popular market research subscription service that is used by a wide variety of academic institutions, from small business development centers to large state universities and Ivy League schools.

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An Interview with Kentley Insights, a New Publisher on Academic Academic recently expanded its collection of research to include subscription access to Kentley Insights, a leader in data-rich market research reports.

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Once a Happy Customer, Now an Employee!

As one of the largest and most authoritative market intelligence services available,'s Profound solution is a go-to resource for many global investment banks and top management consulting firms.

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A Closer Look at Simba Information's Newsletters

Simba Information’s newsletters, Educational Marketer and Electronic Education Report, provide critical information to top executives in the educational publishing and electronic instructional materials markets.

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