An Overview of Allied Market Research: Your Top Questions Answered

Allied Market Research New Logo MRDCAllied Market Research is a leading global provider of market intelligence, competitive benchmarking, strategic advising, and data analytics solutions. With clientele spanning more than 7,000+ organizations, including a majority of Fortune 500 companies, Allied Market Research has a proven track record of helping and serving the global clientele and playing a key role in their success.

To help you better understand this research provider and their unique expertise, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Allied Market Research.

What is Allied Market Research? 

The company offers syndicated and custom market research, competitive intelligence, growth strategy consulting, operational improvement advisory, and financial modelling services to help organizations make informed decisions and stay competitive in the market.

The research reports and studies produced by Allied Market Research cover a broad spectrum of industries, including life sciences, consumer goods, materials & chemicals, construction & manufacturing, food & beverages, energy & power, semi-conductor & electronics, automotive & transportation, ICT & media, consumer goods and aerospace & defense. This research offers valuable information on market size, market share, industry trends, competitive analysis, and growth forecasts.

What are Allied Market Research reports used for? 

Allied Market Research reports are primarily used by businesses and organizations for market research and analysis purposes. They serve as a valuable resource for gaining insights into various industries, market trends, competitive landscapes, and consumer behavior. Some specific use cases for which Allied Market Research reports are commonly utilized include the following: 

  • Market Assessment and Opportunity Analysis: The research reports and studies provide a comprehensive understanding of market size, market share, and growth prospects, enabling organizations to make informed decisions regarding market entry, product development, and expansion strategies. 
  • Competitive Intelligence: The reports provide an in-depth analysis of competitive landscapes, including key players, market strategies, and market share analysis. 
  • Industry Trends and Forecasting: The research reports provide insights into industry trends, emerging technologies, and future market projections.
  • Investment and Business Planning: The market research reports and analysis assist in assessing market attractiveness, growth potential, and risk factors, enabling investors to make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively. 
  • Product Development and Innovation: This information helps companies seeking to develop new products or enhance offerings by identifying gaps in the market, understanding customer needs, and designing products with a higher likelihood of success. 
  • Strategic Decision Making: From market entry strategies to mergers and acquisitions, the market research reports assist organizations in evaluating the feasibility and potential outcomes of various strategic initiatives. 

How many employees does Allied Market Research have? 

Allied Market Research has a dedicated team of 500+ passionate employees. The company’s team of analysts and experts meticulously scours through vast repositories of reliable and high-quality resources, literature, and data to ensure the research reports are built on a solid foundation. 

Why is Allied Market Research credible? 

Founded in 2013, Allied Market Research has been in operation for a decade and has established a reputation for delivering comprehensive market research reports and analyses across various industries. Following are a few factors that contribute to Allied Market Research’s credibility: 

  • An established long-standing relationship with 7,000+ clients worldwide, including leading companies and organizations
  • Positive client testimonials and reviews indicate its credibility and the value the firm provides to its clients
  • A combination of primary and secondary research methodologies to gather data and insights 
  • A team of experienced analysts, industry experts, and consultants with deep domain knowledge across different sectors
  • Proprietary techniques ensure insightful and actionable market intelligence
  • Collaboration with 65+ industry leaders and key opinion leaders (KOLs) across the globe 
  • A diverse range of industry coverage demonstrates the ability of Allied Market Research to adapt its research capabilities to different sectors and provide comprehensive insights
  • Continued investment in talent, technologies, and delivery capabilities cement its position as a leader in enabling strategic decision-making

How does Allied Market Research differentiate itself?

Allied Market Research differentiates itself through its proprietary methodologies, experienced cross-functional teams, technology leverage, and focus on client results. The company employs proven frameworks to drive strategic insights. Domain experts and advanced analytics translate data into actionable intelligence.

Moreover, Allied Market Research’s global team blends business strategy, data science, and industry expertise for a well-rounded perspective. The on-ground presence worldwide accounts for regional nuances.

By combining functional knowledge, analytical rigor, and technology via a global delivery model, Allied Market Research provides targeted intelligence for a competitive edge. Its customized problem-solving and ROI-driven approach make it a strategic partner versus a tactical market research vendor.

How does Allied Market Research track the business impact for its clients? 

Allied Market Research measures impact through three levels — activity KPIs, process KPIs, and business KPIs.

  • Activity KPIs track the utilization of deliverables across the organization
  • Process KPIs assess outcomes like new product development time or sales cycle compression
  • Business KPIs evaluate client growth, revenues, market share, and profitability gains

What are some recent reports by Allied Market Research? 

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