An Overview of Technavio: Your Top Questions Answered

Technavio is an industry-leading global market research and advisory firm that specializes in identifying growth opportunities, trends, and challenges that can affect the market landscape.

Topics: Market Research Provider Honored for Improving Its Search Capabilities on Profound

We are thrilled to announce that was honored with the Elastic 2023 Excellence Search Business Transformation Award, which was presented at the 2024 ElasticON event in New York on March 26, 2024.

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Freedonia Custom Research Study Sparks Media Frenzy with Eye-Opening New Data

Freedonia Custom Research (FCR), a division of, released a new study commissioned by the American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance on the impact of New Jersey’s single-use bag ban, which found that New Jersey’s plastic consumption tripled after the ban was enacted.

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Top 3 Reasons Educators Should Subscribe to Education Market Advisor

Simba Information’s biweekly newsletter Education Market Advisor serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking insider intelligence on the news, insights, and trends shaping the education industry.

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An Overview of Allied Market Research: Your Top Questions Answered

Allied Market Research is a leading global provider of market intelligence, competitive benchmarking, strategic advising, and data analytics solutions. With clientele spanning more than 7,000+ organizations, including a majority of Fortune 500 companies, Allied Market Research has a proven track record of helping and serving the global clientele and playing a key role in their success.

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AI-Powered Search: The Next Big Step in Profound’s Evolution

When it comes to information retrieval, traditional keyword search has been troubled by two fundamental “translation” problems that have proven challenging to fully address:

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An Overview of Mordor Intelligence: Your Top Questions Answered

Mordor Intelligence is a trusted partner for businesses seeking comprehensive and actionable market intelligence. Its global reach, expert team, and tailored solutions empower organizations and individuals to make informed decisions, navigate complex markets, and achieve their strategic goals.

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An Overview of Williams & Marshall Strategy: Your Top Questions Answered

Williams & Marshall Strategy (WMStrategy) is a global full-service market research and consulting company, providing market insight and analysis on a wide range of industries and markets.

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An Overview of MarketsandMarkets: Your Top Questions Answered

MarketsandMarkets is a globally recognized market research firm delivering data-driven B2B research to drive growth and innovation.

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An Overview of Euromonitor International: Your Top Questions Answered

As a leading independent provider of strategic market research, Euromonitor International is a popular resource for our clients here at More than 18,000 reports by Euromonitor are currently available on our website.

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