An Overview of Euromonitor International: Your Top Questions Answered

euromonitor_headerAs a leading independent provider of strategic market research, Euromonitor International is a popular resource for our clients here at More than 18,000 reports by Euromonitor are currently available on our website.

To help you better understand this research provider and their unique expertise, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Euromonitor.

What does Euromonitor International do?

Euromonitor is a privately owned market research publisher of industry, economic, and consumer content.

Is Euromonitor International credible?

Last year, Euromonitor celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since its inception, Euromonitor has built up a reputation for publishing robust and reliable research. Euromonitor employs approximately 800 analysts to research and publish content, and so it has its feet on the ground when it comes to obtaining information for its own proprietary content.

How much does Euromonitor cost?

It depends on which information solution you buy and the volume of content a company decides to purchase.

How is Euromonitor data collected?

Euromonitor has a large team of analysts who extract information from sources such as trade associations, trade press, online sources, and also information gathered from interviews and surveys.

What are some recent reports by Euromonitor?

Euromonitor publishes approximately 15K report titles each year, with a high number of titles releases every week. A few recent highlights include:

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