Top 15 Articles Published on in 2022

Three bursts of fireworks in proximityIn 2022, the blog published data from a variety of leading market research publishers. Our most-read articles discussed changes in the economy, provided helpful tips on conducting market research, and covered topics spanning a wide range of industries including food and beverage, pet products and services, health care, and more.

1.) Primary Data vs. Secondary Data: Market Research Methods

In this article, Freedonia's Senior Analyst Lee Steinbock explains different data sources, their advantages and disadvantages, and their key applications.

2.) The Effect of Inflation on Consumers and What It Means for Brands

Rising inflation and the cost of living was a predominant theme in 2022, creating challenges for both consumers and brands.

3.) 7 Ways to Identify New Market Opportunities in a Changing World Founder and CEO Robert Granader shares seven strategies to help you pinpoint untapped market opportunities for your business.

4.) 4 Key Insights into the Global Food and Beverage Market

See recent data on the global food and beverage market based on a report by The Business Research Company.

5.) 4 Ways the Food Industry Is Embracing Sustainability

Learn how food companies are working to meet the demand for sustainability with expert insights from Freedonia's Industry Studies Manager Jennifer Mapes Christ.

6.) The Top Trends in the U.S. Pet Industry, According to Experts

The U.S. pet market has shown extraordinary resilience and sales growth in the wake of COVID-19, with a burst of M&A activity and innovation.

7.) $34 Billion Physical Therapy Industry Recovers from 16% Revenue Decline During Pandemic

Propelled by multiple growth drivers, the U.S. physical therapy market is forecast to grow at a 6.2% average annual pace, to $43 billion by 2025.

8.) 5 Industries Benefiting from Going Green

Sustainability represents a major growth opportunity for certain industries.'s analysts explain why.

9.) Labor Shortages and the Impact on the U.S. Economy

Learn about current labor shortages, the impact on the economy, and how companies are coping with these challenges, based on expert insights from The Freedonia Group.

10.) Key Facts About the Market Research Industry

The market research industry is undergoing significant change. To learn about key trends, statistics, and forecasts, read our latest blog post.

11.) What Are the Biggest Trends in the U.S. Food Industry?

Discover six important food trends that have grown recently and are expected to gain further traction in the coming years.

12.) Use of Electric Farm Vehicles in the 21st Century

Farmers all across the world will be under increasing pressure to decrease their carbon footprint and adopt more sustainable methods, according to BIS Research.

13.) U.S. Weight Loss Market Shrinks by 25% in 2020 with Pandemic, but Rebounds in 2021

Read an expert overview of the U.S. weight loss industry. Learn how various segments fared during the pandemic and what market growth is expected for 2022.

14.) Top 3 Biologics Market Trends That Boost Industry Growth

The global biologics market is expected to see a 12% growth rate and reach $420.55 billion by 2025, according to a new report by The Business Research Company.

15.) U.S. Debt Collections Industry Worth $15 Billion. Pandemic Did Not Hurt the Business

The $15 billion U.S. debt collection industry, like many other services, was affected by the pandemic — but in a good way. 

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