Key Data on the Global Housing Market [Infographic]

Global Housing MarketGlobal construction of new housing is expected to rise 1.6% per year through 2023, according to a new industry study titled Global Housing by The Freedonia Group, a leading market research firm and division of

The study focuses on the 55.3 million unit global market for new housing, and provides historical data and forecasts for new housing units and housing stock in 58 countries and 6 regions.

 The study identifies several key factors that are driving new housing construction worldwide:

  • Population growth in urban areas
  • A growing number of new households
  • Increasing family incomes
  • Overall economic growth
  • Upgrades to infrastructure
  • Access to financing and credit

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As illustrated in the infographic above, the share of housing stock varied by region in 2018. Housing stock refers to the total number of existing single-family or multifamily housing units (e.g., apartments/flats, condominiums, and townhouses) within a region.

Freedonia provides the following estimates on housing stock by region in 2018:  

  • Africa/Mideast 18%
  • North America 9%
  • Central & South America 7%
  • Western Europe 9%
  • Eastern Europe 6%
  • Asia/Pacific 51%

The outlook for new housing construction also differs by region. While North America is expected to have average growth in the forecast period 2018 to 2023, Europe and Asia/Pacific are projected to experience below average growth. In contrast, Central & South America and Africa/Mideast are expected to see above average growth.

The Africa/Mideast region is expected to see the fastest increases in new housing construction overall, due to growing household incomes, a strengthening economy, and increasing urban populations.

As urbanization increases across the globe, construction of multifamily homes is projected to surpass that of single-family units.

Where to Learn More

Housing ResearchFor more information and housing statistics, see Freedonia’s comprehensive new study on the global housing market, which provides data on housing stock and new housing units and examines pricing trends, the impact of government regulations, and financing.

View the full abstract, table of contents, and purchasing options on using the link above. This report is also available to Profound subscribers on

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