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Successful Content Marketing Starts with Research

Today it seems like every brand is doing it: content marketing. Gone are the days of simply taking out an ad with a product as the hero image and some expressively, and expensively, crafted benefits copy to sell. Now brands need to tell stories about their products and what unique differences they offer to the customer. So content marketing has become the medium to deliver the message.

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Is Your Marketing Department on a “Fast Food” Diet?

Back in 1954 in the classic business book The Practice of Management, Peter Drucker wrote:

"Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two  and only two — basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business."

Yet how many businesses manage, staff, and budget their marketing departments as their ultimate competitive weapon? Are businesses failing to thrive because their marketing departments lack the proper “nutrition” in the form of market research to use to create innovative marketing strategies and tactics?

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Don’t Bomb with Boomers: The Generation with the Most Spending Power

At the recent Boomer Business Summit in Washington, DC, I shared the podium with Steve Parker, SVP Marketing, firstSTREET, a direct-marketing company targeting “Boomers & beyond” with “solutions to aging-related problems.” We spoke at a session entitled Broad View of Trends in Commerce: Who, Why and How They Will Buy, and delivered the important news that Baby Boomers (aged 52-70 years) still represent an important consumer demographic that marketers ignore at their peril.

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Finding New Customers Is a Priority for Businesses in 2016

To provide direction and guidance for market research initiatives for the coming year, Unity Marketing recently conducted a year-end user needs survey across its client base. With over 100 respondents, primarily C-suite and marketing executives, as well as entrepreneurs, the survey included a number of questions that weren’t specific to Unity Marketing. Rather, the results reveal the most pressing concerns for businesses of all types, especially those aiming at the affluent consumer segment — the top 20 percent based upon income. Here is what we discovered.

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Can Macy’s Capture Bluemercury’s Success?

Bluemercury, a brand that describes itself as a luxury apothecary and spa chain, has made a name for itself by offering customers a personalized beauty shopping experience. Based in Georgetown, Washington, D.C., Bluemercury operates 61 stores around the U.S, with 12 more scheduled to open later this year. So what is the secret to Bluemercury’s success?

“We are really trying to deliver very high customer service,” says co-founder and CEO Marla Malcolm Beck. “If you look at the department stores and the way their cosmetics departments are structured, it is all brand by brand. And employees are paid by the brand. So if you go to the Clinique counter in Macy’s or Neiman Marcus, they are going to sell you Clinique products, period.” 

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Small Is the Next Big Story in Retail

Macy's just announced it will be closing 35-40 stores in 2016. This will likely mark the slow, steady progression toward death for the malls to which those stores are attached. But maybe the closure of these Macy's stores is a symptom of a deeper problem in the mall shopping experience, not the cause of the malls' failure.

Today, shopping malls are becoming twenty-first century ghost towns. Since 2010, more than two dozen enclosed shopping malls have closed, and an additional 60 are on the brink. By 2025, an estimated 15 percent or more malls will be closed or repurposed, according to projections by Green Street Advisors. 

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NRF Downgraded Projections for Retail Sales in 2015

You’ve probably heard that the National Retail Federation (NRF) has downgraded their retail sales forecast from 2015, from 4.1% increase to only 3.5% over 2014.  As a trade association for the retail industry, I don’t put too much stock into what they say, knowing that they want to, have to, put a positive spin on whatever they report, as Mark Twain said, “There are lies, damn lies and statistics.”  So the news of a downward adjustment of a forecast from the NRF is particularly notable, since the reality is probably much worse that they are likely to report.

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Affluents Will Travel in New Luxury Style This Year

What links such diverse travel marketers, like airlines, hotels, cruise lines, rental car agencies, travel agencies, tour operators, and travel media outlets, in their pursuit of sales, growth and profits? Those marketers that win and beat their direct competition will be the ones that understand the needs, wants and desires of the best potential customers and put insights into action with marketing strategies, tactics and guest services that really matter. 

When it comes down to the best potential customers for any travel marketer, it is the affluent consumer, people with plenty of disposable income to spend and an appetite for new, exotic, out-of-the-ordinary experiences.

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Millennials' New Expectations: Top Trends Shaping the Luxury Consumer Market in 2015

Unity Marketing's look at the five most important trends for marketers targeting the U.S. affluent customer in 2015

2015 is shaping up to be a challenging year for luxury marketers, following last year, which wasn't particularly bright for luxury brands worldwide. Newly-affluent Chinese consumers cut back on luxury indulgences, and affluents in many Euro countries were impacted by a downturn in macroeconomic forces. Japan, the world's number two market for luxury, remains caught up in a long-standing recession, which only deepened at the end of 2014. And, while the U.S. economy looks stronger on paper, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the government agency that calculates the GDP, just reported that consumer spending declined by .3% in December, despite reported growth in personal income and disposable income. That means one thing: consumers are saving their gains, rather than spending them.

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Affluents' Shopping Habits: 5 Top Trends Shaping the Luxury Market

Unity Marketing's look at the most important trends for marketers targeting the U.S. affluent customer

In recent blog posts, we’ve explored the top trends shaping the luxury market in 2015. The overriding trend that will impact all marketers at the high-end is that affluents have settled into a mood of austerity. One way that affluents' austere mood is expressed is in a new style of shopping which trends toward mass rather than 'class,' and preference for premium, rather than heritage luxury brands.

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