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Get Ready for an ICT SMAC Down as Converging Technology Transforms the Industry

The combination of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud in one integrated stack is called SMAC Stack. It enables each function to help the other to maximize their impact which creates an organization-wide synergic impact. This convergence is one of the most impactful trends for both consumer and enterprise realization within digital media, communications, applications, content, and commerce. Instead of implementing solutions separately, SMAC encourages an organization to build and deploy integrated solutions wherein social/mobile adds connectedness and cloud/analytics makes the organization more agile and responsive.

Topics: Telecommunications & Wireless

Mobile Apps versus Bundled Services

A Mobile Application (Mobile App) is a compact application that is intended to be used on a mobile computing platform such as a mobile telephone, a tablet, or any number of other network aware mobile platforms. A mobile app can be as simple as an alarm clock, or as complex as a business-specific mobile dispatch application. They can be limited to a specific platform, or leverage a common framework to take advantage of multiple platforms.

Topics: Telecommunications & Wireless

Market Opportunities and Future Outlook for Mobile Gaming App Stores

In the mobile gaming ecosystem, an app store works as a major OTT distribution platform in today’s highly fragmented digital distribution channel. An app store distributes non-network mobile gaming applications under a downloadable format followed by a paid, free, or in-app-purchase model, or a combined model. The mobile game application then uses the mobile device’s platform to run the gaming software. The popular app stores are Google Play and Apple Appstore; however, there are other app stores who also played major roles in mobile game distribution such as independent app stores run on iOS or Android.

Topics: Telecommunications & Wireless

Understanding Content Delivery Networks (CDN) & the CDN Marketplace

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) represent large distributed systems of servers deployed in multiple data centers across the Internet. CDNs provide solutions for efficiently and effectively managing content of all types. Solutions include core services such as aggregation, management, and distribution of content as well as a variety of value-added functionality.

Topics: Telecommunications & Wireless

Telecom APIs for Monetization of Communications-Enabled Applications

The global application development community is becoming increasingly aware of Telecom Application Programming Interface (API) as a means of accessing data for a variety of communications-enabled applications. Telecom Network APIs capitalize on existing network infrastructure and platforms to facilitate many new business opportunities.

Topics: Telecommunications & Wireless

Big Data, Analytics, & the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) remains largely an amorphous construct with many different meanings to many different constituents. One thing that is clear, however, is that it represents a next generation set of technologies, systems, networks, platforms, devices, solutions and services that will transform virtually every industry vertical. Those industries that are not transformed by IoT are also those that are destined for significant contraction. IoT will also transform consumer lifestyles and lead to a new world of possibilities in terms of how people view virtual objects and interact between virtual and physical assets.

Topics: Telecommunications & Wireless Public Sector

The Future of Telemedicine: Mobile and Connected Healthcare

Telemedicine is increasingly gaining popularity due to its high potential for cost savings and increased efficiency in healthcare. Expert medical care through telemedicine can significantly improve the healthcare facilities at rural and remote locations. Advanced wireless and networking technologies coupled with recent advances in biotechnology, biosensors and software engineering has enabled the promising growth in telemedicine healthcare systems.

Topics: Software & Enterprise Computing Biotechnology Telecommunications & Wireless Healthcare

The Value of Big Data & Analytics to Telecommunications Service Providers

Big Data analytics give telecom providers a more complete customer perspective, where no data is too small or irrelevant, and one that has data sets from various sources fused together, correlated and turned into valuable insights. Some of the areas, in broad terms, where Business Intelligence tools can be used in telecom, include Operations and Budget Analysis, Capacity Management Analysis, and Network Operations & Management Analysis.

Topics: Telecommunications & Wireless Big Data

Cloud Services for Financial Institutions

Banks are notoriously averse to adopting new technology. Many big banks remain attached to their legacy IT environments and are very concerned about cloud security and privacy. As big banks look to move functions to hosted environments, payment processing and document management are good starting points. Small banks find it easier to adopt cloud-based services as they are not weighed by a legacy IT environment.

Topics: Telecommunications & Wireless Financial Services

The Connected Consumer Device Marketplace

There is a range of low-frequency network technologies that consumer devices can use to communicate with each other, and the market has no dominance or availability of single network technology that fits all. This is one of the highlights of this industry and a reason that we find different alliances, such as ZigBee, Z-wave, Insteon, MoCA and DLNA and many other small groups, emerging and stating their dominance over this industry. The common practice is manifesting in a growing number of alliances of hardware, software and end device providers/solutions under one umbrella and is working in coherence with each other to generate dominance on the market.

Topics: Telecommunications & Wireless