Weekly Wrap-Up: September 6, 2019

weekly wrap-up 9/5/19End the week with the latest from The Freedonia Group and Packaged Facts, including fresh insights and analysis on electric bus trends, global tariffs and the countertops industry, and the grocery shopping habits of affluent shoppers, plus a broad look at 5-year growth rates in over 100 subsectors of the U.S. business economy. 

School Buses in North America Are Going Green

While most of the school buses operating in the US are diesel- or gas-powered, electrical buses have seen increasing use in recent years as manufacturers introduce and promote new models.

US ITC Ruling: US Countertop Industry Has Been Injured by Low Cost Imports from China

How will the ongoing saga of global tariffs impact the countertops market – specifically quartz countertops – worldwide?

4 Ways Grocers Can Improve Outreach to Affluent Food Shoppers

Packaged Facts' market research report  Affluent Food Shoppers identifies a few key ways that U.S. grocers can better attract this important consumer group.

Meet Kyle Peters, Vehicles & Equipment Manager at The Freedonia Group

Get to know Kyle Peters, an Industry Studies Manager with The Freedonia Group, a division of MarketResearch.com, where he leads a team of analysts focused on the vehicles and equipment and chemicals sectors. 

5-Year Growth of 100+ Subsectors of the U.S. Business Economy

According to data from Kentley Insights, annual growth across the U.S. business economy has been steady overall, though it remains uneven across sectors.

Cold Chain Logistics: A Fast Growing Segment of the Biopharmaceutical Logistics Market

A report from The Business Research Company asserts that the global cold chain logistics market – which moves biologics – nearly doubled in size between 2012 and 2018.

5 Factors Shaping the Future of Genomic Medicine

Data from BIS Research's new white paper The Five Forces of Genomic Medicine shows that genomic treaments have the potential to serve as the foundation of precision medicine and dramatically impact future outcomes.

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