Publisher Spotlight: Q&A with GlobalData

GlobalData_Logo.jpgIn our publisher spotlight series, we are taking a closer look at specific publishers on Profound and Through Q&A discussions, we highlight each publisher's unique expertise and how they help businesses achieve growth and overcome challenges. Today, we’re interviewing GlobalData, a top research firm that provides actionable insights into the energy and healthcare markets. Learn more about them in the post below.

Tell us about your expertise as a market research publisher.

GlobalData delivers premier insight and expert analysis in the healthcare and energy sectors, with the collective experience of over 1,000 market analysts and consultants based in key strategic locations worldwide.

GlobalData provides proactive observations vital in improving decision-making across the value chain, assisting in opportunity assessment, go-to market strategies, and competitive benchmarking.

GlobalData provides research into the following market segments:

  • Pharmaceuticals / Life Sciences
  • Specialty Pharma
  • Medical Devices
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power
  • Renewable Energy
  • Nuclear Power

What types of market research reports do you offer?

GlobalData’s reports cover a broad spectrum of topics across each industry segment. Our report offerings range from individual product-level evaluations and company SWOT analyses to global industry forecasts, including specific country and regional markets.

What kinds of problems does your market research help clients solve?

Combining precision with innovation, GlobalData’s research and consulting solutions ensure our clients stay at the forefront of their respective markets. The unrivalled expertise of our analyst teams allows us to provide accurate market appraisals and forecasts based on the latest trends and developments. Our informed industry perspectives help clients to understand how to generate the maximum returns from their key markets, identify opportunities from emerging trends, and devise strategies for growth.

What differentiates you from other market research publishers?

Our reputation as a provider of unmatched healthcare and energy research, analytics, and consulting has attracted the business of some of the world’s leading companies, enabling them to expand services in emerging markets, launch products overseas, and assess the activities of key competitors.

Our healthcare and energy analyst teams comprise PhD-level experts and experienced industry professionals, who provide the actionable insight needed to improve decision-making across the value chain. GlobalData’s analysts are based in some of the world’s most enterprising locations, including offices in London, New York, Boston, and Singapore. 

Which market research reports or topics are particularly relevant or timely right now?

The most popular topics in the healthcare and energy sectors include:

Healthcare: Biologics, In Vitro Diagnostics, Medical Imaging, Medical Interventions, Gene Therapeutics & RNAi, Drug Discovery, Surgical Apparatus, Infectious Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, CNS and many more

Energy: Chemical Storage, Refining, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Oil & Gas Assets Analysis, Wind Power and Maintenance market, Smart Grid, Gas Turbine, PV Market, Power Market, Petrochemicals

Is there anything else readers should know about your products?

GlobalData’s reports combine the industry experience of our professional analyst teams with the perspectives of respected thought leaders, resulting in valuable research solutions that integrate precise data with unique industry insight.

We actively monitor thousands of reputable sources, with frequent data validation checks, to ensure that our research continues to be the highest quality and most expansive of its kind.

We are a trusted source of data that is regularly cited in some of the world’s leading publications, including The New York Times, Bloomberg, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Daily Telegraph, and many more.

Why did you choose to join Profound? What benefits does Profound provide? 

Since 2007, by joining Profound we have been able to tap into client bases across a variety of fields, each with specific research requirements. Profound has helped to improve the brand visibility of GlobalData’s research offerings across our core industry sectors and beyond.

How to learn more

In addition to, market research reports by GlobalData are also available on, where subscribers are able to purchase the individual sections, chapters, tables, or charts of a report they need without having to pay for the pieces they don’t.

To learn more about Profound, request a demo.

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