The Strategic Value of a SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis provides a straightforward analytical framework that allows you to evaluate a business from all angles. A SWOT analysis looks at a company’s internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats.

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7 Popular Sources for Company Information and Research

Industry executives, consultants, and sales professionals often need accurate, up-to-date information about a company for a variety of business and competitive intelligence goals, such as:

  • Understanding a company’s financial health and key business segments
  • Identifying and qualifying potential customers, affiliates, and suppliers
  • Searching for investment and acquisition targets
  • Capitalizing on a competitor’s weaknesses
  • Increasing sales by understanding a clients’ businesses better
  • Tracking corporate news such as restructuring, business expansion, and contract wins
  • Accessing key employees to initiate business deals
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A Quick Guide to Market Intelligence

Market intelligence is “an ongoing, holistic knowledge of all aspects of the marketplace,” according to Quirk’s Marketing Research Review. Market intelligence provides a high-level view by analyzing many different business areas including competitors, products, market dynamics, and customer insights.

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Optimizing Your Market Research Budget: A Guide for Business Professionals

Whether you need market research for an ongoing business need or for a specific project, determining the right amount to budget is an important step.

Setting an appropriate budget that meets your research requirements without unnecessary overspending demands careful consideration of several crucial factors. Here are four expert tips to help you make informed decisions and budget for market research costs effectively.

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Unlock the Power of Market Research for Business Success

In the ever-changing landscape of the global economy, market research plays a pivotal role in ensuring your company's long-term success. Whether you aim to drive profitable growth, enter new markets, or maintain a competitive advantage, leveraging market research effectively is the key.

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The Top 7 Strategic Benchmarks to Measure Company Performance

Understanding the performance of a company is always at the top of mind for leaders and consultants. While internal analysis of the company’s financials and data can be insightful, it can also be somewhat baseless without comparison to industry peers. It is always prudent to couple internal analysis with external benchmarking.

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How to Identify Bad Data When Conducting Market Research

Market research is a critical tool for businesses to gain insights into the competitive landscape and make informed strategic decisions. However, the quality of data collected is crucial for overall success. Bad data can lead to erroneous conclusions, wasted resources, and potentially disastrous business outcomes.  

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The Secret to a Successful Business Pivot: Market Research

Even if you have a successful company, there’s no guarantee your business model will remain viable for long. So what happens when the market changes, and your business needs to adapt to stay relevant? This is where the concept of pivoting comes in.

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Top 15 Articles Published on in 2022

In 2022, the blog published data from a variety of leading market research publishers.

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How to Conduct an Effective Voice of Market Study

Strategic business decisions are made on more than just quantitative data. To obtain deeper insights and gain an edge on the competition, many companies choose to conduct a voice of market (VOM) study, often outsourcing this work to a specialized firm that can produce highly targeted and impartial results.

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