The Best of Both Worlds: The Power of Combining Market Research Solutions

There is an old adage in business that goes something like: "If you have two managers that always agree then one of them is redundant." Thankfully, this is not employed in most companies today, and it is not a school of thought I agree with or endorse for a couple of reasons.  

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How Market Research Partners Help Clients Through Alternative Research Options

Broadline Research Providers Are the Most Valuable Resource Given Today’s Economy and Competitive Environment

Over the course of the last 10 years, the amount of secondary research and the availability of resources to access published industry data has increased substantially. However, researchers often overlook the option of leveraging readily available, reliable industry data; a valuable option that curtails the overall project cost as well as time required in obtaining answers to critical go-to-market questions.

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4 Tips for Determining Your Market Research Budget

Whether you're launching a small start-up company or beginning a new multi-million dollar project, you must determine a budget for the required market research. However, there are so many crucial factors to consider if you want to set an appropriate budget that will meet your needs without over spending. So, after consulting with Research Specialist Robert Kaminsky, here are four tips that will help you allocate the best percentage of your budget for your market research efforts.

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What if a Market Research Report Doesn't Answer My Question?

One market research report can answer thousands of questions from hundreds of companies. Catering to a wide variety of needs can even be viewed as one of their most versatile benefits, at least for the publisher. But, when it comes to obtaining specialized information, syndicated reports may not give you the depth and/or specification you need for a particular project. So, in attempts to avoid spending unnecessary time sifting through reports that are too general, or too broad, you are forced to consider alternative market research options.

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