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Recruitment & Retention: The Value of Market Research for Professional & Trade Associations

Recruitment, retention, recruitment, retention, recruitment, retention!

The goal remains the same as professional and trade associations are plagued by similar ongoing pressures that lurked back 20 plus years ago. However, the job of providing a unique value that meets the expectations of members and justifies membership dues is a tougher task today given the current economic challenges and the widespread use of  technology, which now supports networking capabilities through social media and more available access to industry information, two key benefits once exclusive to many associations.

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How Market Research Partners Help Clients Through Alternative Research Options

Broadline Research Providers Are the Most Valuable Resource Given Today’s Economy and Competitive Environment

Over the course of the last 10 years, the amount of secondary research and the availability of resources to access published industry data has increased substantially. However, researchers often overlook the option of leveraging readily available, reliable industry data; a valuable option that curtails the overall project cost as well as time required in obtaining answers to critical go-to-market questions.

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How Market Research Solutions Complement Financial Services Firms’ Existing Data Resources

Every researcher relishes in the job of assisting clients with ongoing, diverse needs for market data. Having a unique platform that provides value to users enhances the job even further. As a Global Account Manager specializing in delivering Enterprise Market Intelligence Platforms to the Financial Services industry, I have come to realize how advanced this industry is with regards to investing in the best tools to answer its diverse and constant pace of information requirements.

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How Purchasing Flexibility Provides Value for Market Research Consultants

After spending more than 12 years as a Partner of a market strategy consulting firm in Chicago, I am continually reminded of the value that purchasing flexibility would have offered our firm as we worked to solve business issues for clients engaged in a wide variety of industries, ranging from high-tech, building materials, consumer goods, electronics, etc. Plus, consultants are required to obtain very diverse information, very often and very quickly. This can make buying market research a nightmare. The ability to customize market research purchases would have saved us time and money by focusing in on only the specific information we needed. Yet, MarketResearch.com's Profound platform offers the capability to solve this issue through tailored market research purchases and reporting.

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