Projected 2015 Marketing Trends

Internet Search_Featured on market effectively to customers, brands are going to need to market in new and innovative ways. Some of the biggest marketing trends that are expected to pop up in 2015 include the personalization of campaigns, creative content, use of videos, and building relationship with customers through big data.

1. Personalization

Because organizations have access to cookies, algorithms, and programmatic marketing, they are now able to track consumers’ online behavior and, therefore, can create more targeted, personalized campaigns. Now, organizations are also finally able to use big data to create personalized campaigns for their consumers. According to Allan Blair, head of strategy at Tribal Worldwide, anything and everything that can be personalized will be in the coming year.

2. Creative Content

Because of the changes in Google’s algorithms in 2014, creative content is very important. In order to remain on the first page of Google’s search engines, companies are going to need to keep their websites up-to-date with fresh content on every page. Brand messaging is also more important than ever, with creative content on social media being one of the main ways consumers see companies content.

3. Videos

Video content is also going to play an important role in the relationship between organizations and their customers. Because of today’s consumer preferences, people are more interested in doing business with people, so placing a face with your brand will be necessary to ensure customers can relate. Videos won’t just be connecting to users emotional side, but, instead, videos that are useful, timely, and engaging will be standard for 2015.

4. Big Data Put to Use    

For the past few years, organizations have been investing in big data and working to understand what it all means. Now, companies can use it to benefit their customers’ needs. Creating the best customer experience will create relationships that lead to brand loyalty. Big data will help companies find what makes them most relatable to their customer, and help them differentiate themselves from the competition.

Determining which of these marketing trends can best be used for your company can help with figuring out how to best reach your customers. To learn more about how market research can benefit your company’s marketing plan, check out our eBook.

How to Succeed Using Market Research

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