How Independent Consultants Can Improve Their Business

Market_Analysis,_featured_on_blog.marketresearch.comProfound is a fantastic cost saving tool for any organization that purchases information on a regular basis, but for the independent consultant, Profound opens up whole new ways of using syndicated research to improve your business. Here are some of the biggest advantages of the service:

Vetting opportunities

Buying a chart or table of information can save you hours of initial time with a potential new client by helping you figure out if the project is even worth discussing before you invest the effort. You can find key top-level information like market sizing, barriers to entry, market saturation, or market alternatives with very little expense. Any of these things could make or break the validity of an opportunity, so the ability to grab this information as needed could be critical.

Landing new business

Like you, clients are vetting the consultants that they may work with as well. Profound will allow you to demonstrate to your client the resources you have available to you that your competitors may not have. Being able to prove that you can provide the necessary supporting facts for your analysis at a fraction of the cost of other companies can give you that leg up to close the deal.

Cost-effective project completion

In addition to landing the business, being able to purchase information inexpensively, can keep your data costs from cutting too deeply into your consulting fees. Sometimes as a project goes on, there are a few unexpected variables that can crop up. It is at these times that extra needed data can hurt the profitability of a project. Profound helps to mitigate that issue and keep you protected from those risks of doing business.

Hunting new business

During those frustrating slow periods, you can use Profound to pick up a few tidbits on key industries that you focus on to help you decide where to place your efforts in locating new potential business targets.

As Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is power." As you can see, being able to get that knowledge in an efficient and cost-effective way will allow you to enhance every aspect of the consulting process.

To discover how Profound can help you get exactly the information you need in the most cost-efficient manner, sign up for a free trial and begin browsing reports!

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