How Much Is Enough? A Basic Guide to Market Research Section Purchasing

Market Research Charts and Tables, featured on blog.marketresearch.comThe ability to purchase individual sections of syndicated market research reports on our Profound solution is a powerful tool for getting the exact information you need from a report. Because you can section many of the reports all the way down to the chart and table level, it is important to consider exactly what answers you are trying to get before making your purchases. Below is a general set of recommendations for choosing how much of a report you should be purchasing based on your information need and industry experience.

When do I purchase just a table or chart?

Charts and tables are ideal purchases when all you need is a key metric like market size, market share information or projected industry growth. Purchases this targeted are usually best for industry professionals with a strong understanding of their market because the information being purchased is entirely out of context.

When do I purchase sections?

Report sections are specific subsets of information that are smaller than a chapter, but more than just a data set. Very often, these sections contain the information needed to provide context for the charts and tables that you may be focused on. As a result, sections are often the perfect balance between price efficiency and needed information. So, if you are not an industry expert or if the market is complex with many parameters that may not be clear just from the information in a table, I would highly recommend a section purchase.

When do I purchase a chapter?

Chapter purchases are usually most efficient in reports that cover many different topics in the same market. So, if you are interested in the beverage market, many reports will have it broken down into chapters on soft drinks, coffee, bottled water, etc. Each one of these chapters is like a mini-report on that more targeted subject. So, chapter purchases are ideal when you need a rich and detailed amount of information about a specific subset within a report.

When do I purchase a full report?

Purchasing the full report is the right answer in many situations. If you are interested in multiple aspects of a market or if you are trying to educate yourself about an industry you are unfamiliar with, then a full report is likely the right avenue to pursue. For someone who is not already involved in the market being investigated, even if you are only interested in a few key area in a market, having the information on the other portions of the industry could give you much needed context for making decisions in the sub market you are focused on.

In the end, there is one question that you should be asking yourself before you buy: is the purchase I am about to make going to answer my question? If you have any doubt about being able to use what you have purchased with full confidence, than I would consider moving up at least one level from what you had been considering.

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