How to Get the Market Research You Need for the Price You Can Afford

Profound Market Research Solution, featured on blog.marketresearch.comMarket research is critical to the overall success of any organization. The trick is in finding a way to acquire the amount and depth of research your business needs in the most cost-effective manner. There are a number of ways to purchase market research, so, in order to increase ROI, organizations must determine which type of research solution best fits the frequency of their research requirements.

Finding a fit for your research needs

Every organization has different market research needs. Some need updated research on a weekly basis, while others only need it sporadically. For those with on-going requirements, there is no shortage of subscription research solutions that will allow a company to increase cost efficiency. However, what about those that need market research on a more irregular basis? Buying multiple syndicated research reports can be expensive, particularly the more in-depth the data you need is. Organizations in this situation need a more affordable solution to one-off purchases, allowing them to get a break on budget, without having to commit to a year-long subscription that exceeds their budget and usage needs.

Finding a research solution

Our Profound solution offers your organization the purchasing flexibility you need while still allowing them to stretch your research budget. Profound grants you access to a database of nearly one million research reports and allows you to search and purchase individual chapters, sections, tables and charts from them. Simply put, you only spend your research dollars on the pieces of information you need.

On average our Profound clients save $2,898.00 per purchase, and our Profound corporate clients experience even more savings.

How companies are saving

It's great to be told you can stretch your research budget, but often times the real benefit comes from seeing real examples and case studies of how real companies have done it. Numerous clients, ranging from major consultancies to small businesses, have utilized our Profound solution, and while usage and commitment levels vary, the savings in relation to your investment in Profound is consistent and dramatic, as shown by these three case studies below.

1. Client purchased one table from one report.

Order Value:

190.48 USD

Full Report Value:

8,000.00 USD

Profound Savings:

7,809.52 USD

2. Client purchased one chapter, one table, and one section from three different reports.

Order Value:

2,141.51 USD

Full Report Value: 

12,145.00 USD

Profound Savings: 

10,003.49 USD


3. Client purchased two tables from one report.

Order Value:

299.00 USD

Full Report Value:

2,795.00 USD

Profound Savings:

2,496.00 USD

**The above savings are based on real life examples for illustrative purposes. Individual savings will vary based on a number of variables and may be different to those shown above.

Profound offers a variety of subscription levels to accommodate businesses and research needs or all shapes and sizes. 

To learn more about Profound and see how you can start saving, request a demo.

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