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4 Projected Market Research Trends

Looking toward the future of any industry is like watching a race, each company attempting to leverage the latest trends to gain an advantage over the competition. Thus, adaptability and economic mobility are key. In a recent blog post published on GreenBook Blog, author Kristof De Wulf, CEO of InSites Consulting, analyzes how the market research industry is adjusting to the ever-changing economic climate. In doing so, De Wulf determined "4 possible strategic directions" market research may take over the coming years. Understanding these projected market research trends will be critical in allowing your company to fully leverage its business intelligence resources.

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Top 10 FAQs When Purchasing Market Research

Market Research is a large, but critical, investment for a business, and, as with any substantial purchase, you will probably want to ensure that you fully understand exactly what you're buying. Because there are many intricacies to finding and buying the right market research report or solution for your needs, you're going to have questions. So, we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions customers have when purchasing market research. With these common questions answered, you will be well on your way to landing the perfect report.

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How the Market Research Publisher & Analyst Influence a Report

Deciding which market research report will be the best fit for your research needs can seem like an overwhelming task. With several, hundreds, or even thousands of relevant reports to choose from, depending on your industry size and level of topic specificity, how do you know which one to pick? At first glance, some reports may seem too similar to even matter which you choose. However, every market research publisher and analyst bring something different to the table. So, it is important to understand which aspects of a report are most influenced by those that produce it.

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Market Research: Predicting the Irrational

Market research is all about predicting the future... or attempting to at least. But, as human habits and patterns become more irrational, as some suggest, predicting the future based on the past is becoming increasingly difficult, yet ever-more important.

It's simply no longer logical to take the historical data found in market research and assume that it will predict the future. Yet, many businesses use it as such, and, maybe in the past, that was okay. Now, human behavior must be considered right alongside market research in an entirely new way.

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How to Define Market Research Success

A "good" market research report can cost you thousands of dollars.  And when I say “good,” I mean a report that helped you make one of your difficult business decisions: should we buy company X, should we invest in industry Y, who are the competitors we should fear, who are the customers we should go after?  While some may find it hard to determine to what extent, market research is unequivocally helpful when trying to make an affirmative decision (ie: should we enter this market?), and it can be equally helpful in informing on what to avoid.

Yet, often times, defining success when using market research can be a major gray area. Success doesn't always translate into definite measurables. Plus, success can be an extremely subjective concept. What a small entrepreneurial technology company might call success can be vastly different from success as defined by a Global 2000 corporate powerhouse.

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Market Research Predicts Expansion of Global Construction & Mining Machinery Market

The construction and mining machinery market represents an extremely cyclical industry. When times are good, the world market experiences heightened sales growth; however, when facing economic downturns, market output can experience severe reductions.

According to recent market research, the global construction and mining machinery market is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 9.3% over the next four years through 2018. Leading global market research provider, Global Research & Data Services, has forecast this 9.3% p.a. growth in market demand will have the highest impact on the following potential markets: China, Greece, Latvia, Portugal and the United States.

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How to Use Market Research in a Project-Based Industry

Every industry views market research differently. It's necessity, functionality and delivery vary by market, adapting to each industry's specific intelligence needs. However, the reality is that market research is far more easily obtained and applied in certain fields than in others. Probably the most difficult industries to successfully accomplish this are those that run on a project-to-project basis. This ultimately boils down to their fast-paced, ever-changing nature. For instance, just take a look at the Business Services and Banking industries. Whether dealing in private equity, insurance, banking or strategy consulting, these markets' focus is dedicated to high-pressure, project-based needs. So, in order to understand how market research can be used within these types of industries, you have to assess and overcome a variety of challenges.

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Market Research Publisher Spotlight: Timetric partners with over 700 publishers to offer customers the most comprehensive collection of diverse business intelligence. Each publisher has its own story and offers unique and insightful perspective into the industries they cover. This week, is spotlighting economic and business research firm Timetric. Read on to learn more about Timetric and their products.

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How Relationships Can Increase Market Research Sales

Purchasing market research isn’t always about a simple click of a mouse. It’s about building trust and investing in a relationship that will help ensure companies get the most appropriate business intelligence for their needs. That’s why many market research publishers choose to distribute their products through a comprehensive marketplace. With additional resources and different ways to connect, there are more viable opportunities to nurture relationships that will sell more products, but, ultimately, end with happier and more satisfied buyers. If you are a publisher interested in increasing revenue and client satisfaction, here are a few ways the relationships a market research marketplace forms with buyers can help you:

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