How Relationships Can Increase Market Research Sales

how_relationships_can_increase_market_research_sales, featured on market research isn’t always about a simple click of a mouse. It’s about building trust and investing in a relationship that will help ensure companies get the most appropriate business intelligence for their needs. That’s why many market research publishers choose to distribute their products through a comprehensive marketplace. With additional resources and different ways to connect, there are more viable opportunities to nurture relationships that will sell more products, but, ultimately, end with happier and more satisfied buyers. If you are a publisher interested in increasing revenue and client satisfaction, here are a few ways the relationships a market research marketplace forms with buyers can help you:

Providing a "Human Touch"

We live in a world where automation runs seemingly everything. How many times do you call a company to ask a question, troubleshoot an issue, pay a bill, etc. and all you can think is "I just want to talk to an actual person." Somehow, repeating your needs to a computer only to be switched to another menu doesn't always get the job done. Market Research is no different. Yes, sometimes buyers know exactly what they want, find it online, click a button and the process is complete. But, many times, research purchases require more of an interaction. Customers need to know if a report will answer their question or offer enough detail. They need guidance, and that is what a marketplace can provide. With additional resources and specialists, they provide that essential "human touch" needed to close deals and establish long-lasting relationships with customers. 

how relationships can increase market research sales, featured on

A Global Team helping customers every step of the way

Whether a buyer needs someone to advise them during the purchasing process or to help evaluate usage of their newly acquired market research solution, these relationships help nurture buyers throughout every stage of the cycle. From the customers' perspective, this means an easier buying and user experience, but, for a market research publisher, it typically means repeat business and increased revenue. A market research marketplace will provide some of the following resources to help develop and maintain these types of beneficial relationships:


Sales & Research Specialists

  • Possess industry-specific knowledge and expertise. Their specialized insight into a particular vertical, its terminology and publishers helps ensure that customers are able to locate reports specific to their needs. 
  • Are experts at understanding client needs and translating them into the right purchases. Their ability to help determine whether a buyer needs a more quantitative or qualitative report, in addition to their vast knowledge of industry publishers, matches customers with the right business intelligence.
  • Help publishers reach customers in relevant industries that they may be overlooking. Research specialists provide customers with extra guidance from an objective perspective. This level of attention helps build and maintain the kind of relationships that last for years.

Relationship Managers

  • Designated point of contact for all questions regarding publisher relationships. Relationship Managers work with publishers distributing through a market research marketplace to ensure that their needs are met and their sales are increased as a result of the partnership.
  • Internal champion for publisher reports and sales opportunities. These managers build relationships with publishers that help them best understand the publishers' products, how to better market them and how to create new revenue opportunities. 

Marketing Team

  • Send continual targeted messages to customers as new titles are published to maximize sales opportunities for partners. Building a relationship with a market research marketplace means not only do publishers receive a whole new outlet for promoting their products, but it also means buyers stay informed and up-to-date, making them return to the source time and time again.
  • Create enhanced outreach opportunities. By forming this relationship, publishers are able to accomplish a heightened level of marketing through resources not otherwise available. 

Application Specialists

  • Provide in-depth training for platform users to ensure efficient customer usage, client satisfaction and product growth. This means buyers see the most return on their investment, and, in turn, publishers see more returning customers.
  • Work with publishers and customers to achieve growth with subscription revenue model and platforms. They provide helpful usage statistics and offer alert and search strategy suggestions in order to help buyers overall research efforts.

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