Top 10 FAQs When Purchasing Market Research

market research FAQs.jpgMarket Research is a large, but critical, investment for a business, and, as with any substantial purchase, you will probably want to ensure that you fully understand exactly what you're buying. Because there are many intricacies to finding and buying the right market research report or solution for your needs, you're going to have questions. So, we have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions customers have when purchasing market research. With these common questions answered, you will be well on your way to landing the perfect report.

1. Will this report tell me ________ ?

The most obvious thing people want to know before purchasing a market research report is if it will answer their research questions. Typically, publishers and market research providers only allow customers to see an abstract, not the full report, prior to purchasing. Sometimes, the abstract will not give a customer the information they need to determine if the report will answer their questions. The advantage of consulting's customer service team and research specialists is that they can open a report, look through it and help you understand if the report will provide you with the answers you need.

2. Can I buy a part of this report?

Many times, the information a customer needs can be found in a certain section or specific chart within a report. This prompts the question of whether or not a single portion of a report can be purchased for a lower price than buying the entire report.'s Profound solution allows customers to do just that. Profound is a commitment-based solution that provides access to a diverse content offering, allowing customers to slice reports, purchasing only the chapter, table or chart you need.

3. Who is the author, or analyst, of this report?

With numerous relevant reports to choose from, many customers want to know who the author/publisher of a report is and if they will be a good fit. At first glance, some reports may seem too similar to even matter which you choose. However, every market research analyst brings something different to the table. Our customer service reps and research specialists are privy to knowledge about each of our publishers and their reports so that they can help you decide which one is the best fit.

4. Which report is best for me?

Many times, our reps get extremely broad questions like 'which report is best for me?' 'I am in X industry, can you recommend a report for me?' or 'do you have a report on X?' These may seem like easy questions; however, the customer service representative or research specialists will need some critical and detailed information to be able to determine their answers for you. Unfortunately, many customers don't know enough details about their research needs prior to asking these questions. In order to get the most out of your interaction with your customer service representative or research specialist, you need to first ask yourself a handful of questions to find out the specifics of what information you will actually need to answer your research questions and meet your research goals.

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5. Do you have a subscription that will let me see all of the reports? How much does it cost?

If you require a large amount of market research on a consistent basis, you may wonder about the availability of an all-inclusive subscription. offers two "subscription" services: our Knowledge Center solution and Profound. A Knowledge Center is a subscription service that provides unlimited access to a specific content database. offers Knowledge Centers containing content categorized by industry or publisher. To find out more about which industries and publishers can be purchased through a Knowledge Center, contact our customer service. In addition, our Profound commitment-based solution allows access to a more diverse content set where customers can slice reports to capitalize their market research budget.

6. Is this information free for students? Is there a student discount?

Outside of the corporate world, one of the most common demands for market research comes from academia. Students are often interested in a report for a research paper or school project, and, because the information is intended for academic use only, students often ask whether a report is free or discounted for their use. helps students with their research needs through Academic, which found in nearly 150 institutions. This is a subscription to market research content purchased by academic libraries for use by their students, faculty, alumni, etc. If you are a student, check with your library to see if you have access to our academic solution.

7. Can you make a report for me if you don't have anything?

If customers do not see a report addressing their specific needs, they often ask if we can write a report for them. Custom market research can be done; however, it can be much more expensive than syndicated market research. So, you must be prepared to adjust your budget accordingly. 

8. What is a global site license?

Questions about market research licenses are widely common as licensing remains a confusing topic for many customers. A global site license permits access to a report across an entire company. The price of a global site license is typically 2-3 times the cost of a single-user. Large, multi-office and international corporations are perfect candidates for a global site license. These companies will need to share reports with different offices and departments. By investing in a global site license, companies are gaining value in the report by allowing it to be utilized by others for future needs.

9. Can I forward the report to others?

Many customers want to know how they can share a report, and the answer comes down to the type of license that was purchased. Almost all report licensing is intended for internal use only. Almost universally, these licenses do not allow external use of the information they are providing. However, occasionally publishers will allow it. All you have to do is ask! To learn more about the forwarding and sharing capabilities of each licensing option, click here

10. Can you just invoice me?

Once the decision to purchase has been made, many customers want to buy the report immediately and just receive an invoice, rather than paying for the report upfront. While this capability is available, your customer service rep or research specialist must contact our Accounting department to request a credit extension before this can be done, and credit extensions are not always approved.  

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