Weekly Wrap-Up: November 10, 2017

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This week, we bring you new information on the markets for lab automation, medical publishing, restaurants, soft drinks, potential blockbuster drugs, and much more.

Letting Robots Do the Menial Work So Labs Don’t Have to

Automation is considered The Next Big Thing in many industries, and laboratory research is no exception. Automation is ideal for tedious, repetitive tasks; it reduces human error while improving consistency.  

U.S. Healthcare Uncertainty Infects Medical Publishing Market

Healthcare instability has a chilling effect on medical publishing in the U.S., but the global medical publishing market has already been flat for years.

Trends in World Languages Instructional Materials Market

More students study Spanish than any other language; however, Chinese language instruction is on the rise in many school systems across the U.S.

Facing Losses, Carpet & Rug Manufacturers Scramble to Diversify

The rapid rise in demand for hard surface flooring has led some carpet and rug manufacturers to expand their product catalogue.

Making Innovation Accessible in the Cat Litter Category

As the largest category in the non-food pet supplies market, cat litter is expected to hit sales of $2.8 billion by the end of 2017.

How Are Millennials Disrupting the Restaurant Industry

Millennial preference for fast casual dining is driving segment gains at the expense of full service chains.

Bubble Trouble: Carbonated Soft Drinks Facing Production Declines

Consumers are turning from carbonated soft drinks in favor of healthier options.

Explosives Set to Boom as Coal Heats Back Up

A pullback on coal regulations will spur demand for explosives.

5 Potential Blockbuster Drugs to Watch in 2017-2018

Learn about new drugs that could become blockbuster therapies — potentially changing treatment regimens and disrupting the pharmaceutical market.

10 Top Medical Device Companies Worldwide

Check out our post to learn about some of the best medical device companies that serve as a bellwether for the industry as a whole. 

2 Key Factors Driving Huge Demand for IoT in Healthcare

IoT is disrupting the healthcare industry with innovative and cost-saving solutions. The demand for IoT in healthcare is due to two major growth drivers.

Investing in China? Fast Growth Predicted in the Chemical Industry

China's chemical industry offers many attractive investment opportunities, with fast growth predicted across several major market segments.

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