Weekly Wrap-Up: May 11, 2018

Market research articlesEach week, a variety of market research publishers release a flurry of industry analysis and news commentary, and this week is no exception.

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Lab Test Harmonization Gets a $2 Million Boost

The pathology community achieved a long-time goal when the CDC received $2 million in funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for lab test result harmonization.

Amazon Continues Advance in U.S. Pet Market with New Private Label Pet Food Brand

In U.S. Pet Market Outlook, 2018-2019, Packaged Facts predicted that Amazon would launch a new premium pet food brand. It’s now happened with the introduction of Wag.

Water Use Is Impacted by Activity in Utilities, Manufacturing, Mining, & Municipal Sectors

Rising population, electricity generation, and manufacturing output will help drive water use in the U.S., which is expected to reach 138 trillion gallons in 2022.

The Rise of Digital Advertising Brings Some Challenges

Advertisers have shifted spending to the internet, and print advertising has experienced long-term decline. Digital media is becoming the leading category.

Electronic Component Use Speeding Up in Motor Vehicles

Motor vehicles will require even more electronic components as safety and autonomous features increase. The growing production of hybrid and all-electric vehicles will also drive electronic component sales.

Seeds of Doubt Sprouting Among U.S. Farmers

U.S. farmers are growing increasingly anxious as the Trump administration considers changes to the U.S. ethanol mandate and China proposes tariffs on U.S. agricultural imports.

Pushing Out Walls and Shunning Desks for New Ways of Learning

With an emphasis on hands-on learning and the use of technology to foster inquiry, schools of the future feature plenty of open spaces to encourage collaboration.

Rise in Processed Foods to Increase Global Appetite for Lubricants

Increased demand worldwide for processed food results in a surprising beneficiary: industrial lubricants.

Can Construction Chemicals Benefit from America’s Failing Infrastructure?

Demand for construction chemicals may benefit from renewed focus on investment in America’s aging infrastructure.

A Major Growth Area in the Drone Market: Sense and Avoid Technology

The drone market has experienced robust growth, but regulations and safety concerns will drive the need for sense and avoid technology in the future.

Conducting Market Research? Don’t Miss These 3 Critical Steps

Follow these three important steps to conduct market research successfully and save valuable time and money in the process.

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