Weekly Wrap-Up: March 23, 2018

market research articles.pngHere's a curated list of articles published this week by a variety of market research firms, including:

  • Kalorama Information
  • Simba Information
  • Packaged Facts
  • The Freedonia Group
  • BIS Research
  • Marketdata

Theranos a Note of Caution on Company Hype

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was charged by the SEC with “massive fraud” involving more than $700 million. It’s a cautionary tale of following the media hype.

Outsourced Drug Discovery Market Is Up 17%

The rising need for pharmaceutical “blockbusters” — and middle-of-the-road revenue earners — is driving the demand for outsourcing.

Reducing the Cost of College Course Materials

Higher education publishers and distributors are increasing their efforts to alter the way college students purchase and access course materials.

Packaged Facts in the News: Easter a Popular Holiday for Food Gifting

The Easter egg remains iconic, but the holiday is also becoming a popular time to give food gifts, finds a recent Packaged Facts study.

Pet Specialty/Mass-Market Pet Food Floodgates Open

With its virtual marketplace, e-commerce is pounding away at the already cracked wall between pet specialty and mass channels.

US Industrial Rubber Recycling: Past, Present, and Future

Increasing eco-consciousness and new recycling regulations have led to an increase in recycled rubber-based industrial components.

3 Important Business Problems That Market Research Can Solve

With the help of a trusted market research firm, businesses can identify and solve problems, and strategically plan for the future.

E-Cigarettes and T-Vapor Products Gain Traction in a Growing Market

The global e-cigarette and t-vapor market is expected to reach a value of $86.43 billion by 2025, according to BIS Research.

How Physicians and Nurses Can Launch a Successful Medical Weight Loss Program

Medical weight loss programs in the U.S. generated $7.69 billion in 2017, and more doctors and nurses will add weight loss programs to their practice in the coming years.

Unity Marketing White Paper: Solving the Mystery of Millennials for Interior Designers

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