Weekly Wrap-Up: June 28, 2019

WeeklyWrapUp-131269-editedBe sure to catch up on all the latest insights and analysis from Packaged Facts and Simba Information, covering topics in global pet care, public school enrollment, the wealth gap, and more.

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India: An International Pet Care Market to Watch

From 2012 to 2017, pet care sales in India rose rapidly. Does the market have enough momentum to sustain even greater growth through 2022? 

Birth Rates, Immigration and PreK Expansion Drive Student Population Growth

Birth rates, immigration, and expanding access to prekindergarten are all driving an expansion in public school enrollment, which has risen over 7% since 2000.

Wealth & Demographic Trends: 3 Key Facts About the Affluent

According to Packaged Facts' recent white paper "Affluent and High Net-Worth Americans", post-Great Recession household growth is most pronounced among affluent households.

The Publishing Industry Expands Mobile Content for Professional Use

The growth of mobile technology is a boon for publishers that develop content for professionals in medicine, business, law, scientific and technical fields, where accessing content via tablets and smartphones has become the norm.

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