Weekly Wrap-Up: February 23, 2018

WeeklyWrapUp-131269-edited.pngRead the newest industry articles written by expert analysts at Packaged Facts, Kalorama Information, Simba Information, The Freedonia Group, BIS Research, and Marketdata. 

Access new data and learn about a range of industries including education, publishing, health care, apparel, and more. 

6 Essential Questions for Evaluating Secondary Data Sources

How can you vet secondary data and safeguard the accuracy of your research? Packaged Facts shares its approach to evaluating secondary sources.

5 Ways Technology Has Impacted Market Research

Technology is changing the way people do their jobs and live their lives, and market researchers are no exception.  

4 Things to Know About the Monoclonal Antibodies – “mAbs” Market

Discover important trends in monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) – large protein molecules created by white blood cells that detect and destroy dangerous foreign substances.

Education Technology Acquisitions Continue as 2017 Turns to 2018

Private equity companies continue to be flush with cash, and they were important players in the educational technology market in 2017.

What’s Driving College Course Materials in 2018 and Beyond?

In the coming years, several key factors will have a long-term impact on the role of course materials and universities, including higher education mission debates and a focus on student outcomes.

New Opportunities for Science Resource Providers

More and more, educators are interested in acquiring new resources to meet shifting needs as schools adopt the Next Generation Science Standards.

Eco-Friendly Insulation: 4 Alternatives to Fiberglass

Though still a niche corner of the overall insulation market, green insulation products stand to benefit in the future from increasingly eco-conscious consumer attitudes.

Obesity Fuels $21 Billion Plus-Size Market

Sales of plus size products & services are expected to grow 4.1% annually, with increased demand from both young and middle-aged large persons for better clothes.

What’s Driving the Global Surgical Robotics Market

According to a new study, the global surgical robotics market is expected to reach a value of $12.6 billion by the year 2025.

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