Weekly Wrap-Up: December 15, 2017


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These articles bring you new research on the markets for energy, textbooks, pharmaceuticals, laboratory-developed tests, back-up cameras, food retailing, and agricultural chemicals. 

3 Segments to Watch in the US Energy Industry

Expansion in natural gas, petroleum, and renewables will account for the bulk of gains in US energy production through 2021.

The Patent Cliff: Analytical Instruments Climb as Pharmaceuticals Face a Long Descent

As a number of patents for blockbuster drugs expire, pharmaceutical companies will invest in analytical instruments to develop new drugs.

Crescendo Reached on Long-Standing Quest for FDA Regulation of Laboratory-Developed Tests

With advances in technology, laboratory-developed tests (LTDs) are now designed with greater complexity. The FDA points to this increasing complexity as a reason for more regulatory oversight.

A Textbook Example of Adaptation

Students are turning to alternative textbook forms as the costs of print books increase on top of rising college price tags.

Companies Looking to Grow Tell Their Stories

During December, companies seeking to enter or grow in the education space share stories and solicit funding and partnerships at the Education Business Forum.

Back Up! Rear-View Cameras Mandated on New Light Vehicles in US & Canada

In the US and Canada, regulations mandating backup cameras on all new light passenger vehicles are set to make a dent in aftermarket demand.

What We're Reading: "Walmart Jumps into Meal-Kit Fray as Kroger Expands Its Offerings

Walmart recently began selling nearly 30 meal-kits, joining a long list of retailers that have recently entered the sector.

4 Disruptive Food Industry Trends to Watch in 2018

Based on the latest studies by Packaged Facts, here are four disruptive food industry trends to keep on an eye on in 2018 and beyond.

Quick Facts & Statistics on the Agrochemicals Industry

Get an overview of the global market for agrochemicals, and learn about a widespread trend that presents a major challenge for many pesticide companies. 

Top 10 Food Industry Trends Ebook

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