Using Market Research to Determine a Licensing Plan

When working to find the market research report that is going to provide you with all the information you’ve been searching for, sometimes the last thing on your mind is what type of licensing agreement you’re going to need when your purchase the report. A lot of confusion revolves around licensing, specifically who can use it and how can the research be used.

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Central Libraries – The Core of Integrated Research Solutions

Over the last several years, it is hard to miss the overall trend in the information management industry away from centralized library services. The concept is that, while these services are helpful, they are more of a convenience than a necessity since there are many information management software solutions on the market. From my experience, it is important to evaluate this decision very carefully as removing the central library can create more problems and cost inefficiencies than it saves.

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Every morning, I check my phone, just as millions of us do, to see the email in-box displaying a delightful red dot with a figure proudly displayed. For me, that figure is generally in the twenties or thirties. I open my e-mail in anticipation that today’s deliveries will all be exciting and relevant to what I’m focused on. I’m disappointed; it’s a jumble of non-relevant spam dross. Why don’t I delete all?

Because, just maybe somewhere in there is an email from That informative and precisely relevant email will be focused on a current project or industry that I need information on. Why do I seek out this golden nugget of an email? Well, because I told it precisely what I needed to be contained within it. It took me minutes to set up, and that investment was invaluable. How did I do it? By using the highly customized features on my market research solution. But, why did I invest my valuable minutes?

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More Than Just Sales:'s ROI Value

I am always amazed that through science man has determined that the universe is between 14-15 billion years old and, even more astounding, is the calculation for the Universe’s expansion. So, why was it that, at the Perfect Information Conference in 2012, 30 leading information professionals with hundreds of years of experience between them could not come up with the answer to a simple question: What is the ROI (return on investment) from market research? Is this the information industry's holy grail? Maybe…..

Let’s consider this in another way. If there are too many variables to determine which piece of data or knowledge proved pivotal in the launch of a new product or successful investment, then consider this: Where was the value derived? 

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4 Benefits of a Market Research Subscription vs. Single Report Buying

Time is money. You hear this phrase often, yet many companies still spend countless hours searching for each individual market research report, only to find that they are not specific enough or lack the quality of information needed for their specialized vertical. That's why completing your market research in this manner will quickly evaporate your time and budget. And, if you're spending these valuable resources acquiring individual reports, the research had better answer your questions and address your specific needs, right? Unfortunately, this is not accomplished every time and with every report. So, companies must adopt the most effective and efficient methods for acquiring high-quality, vertical-specific research for the best value.

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How To Get a Return On Investment From Your Business Library

Return on investment is a tricky thing to prove sometimes. In marketing, advertising, and market research, ROI can be especially elusive, but we all know it’s there. What if a market research expenditure could not only show positive ROI but actually be a profit center for your business? Crazy, right? Not necessarily.

Imagine if you could acquire a large library of market information for a low fixed price and then “sell” off pieces of it to your clients or constituents over and over. Your library spend just became an information investment, and behold, your research tools just became a profit center. The Knowledge Center platform, which features the content of some of the most trusted names in market research—Packaged Facts, Kalorama Information, Simba Information—offers just such a possibility.

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