4 Benefits of a Market Research Subscription vs. Single Report Buying

Subscription of magazines, featured on MarketResearch.com www.blog.marketresearch.com {{Benefits of a Market Research Subscription vs. Single Report Buying}Time is money. You hear this phrase often, yet many companies still spend countless hours searching for each individual market research report, only to find that they are not specific enough or lack the quality of information needed for their specialized vertical. That's why completing your market research in this manner will quickly evaporate your time and budget. And, if you're spending these valuable resources acquiring individual reports, the research had better answer your questions and address your specific needs, right? Unfortunately, this is not accomplished every time and with every report. So, companies must adopt the most effective and efficient methods for acquiring high-quality, vertical-specific research for the best value.

Subscription-based market research services can be a fool-proof and cost-effective alternative to individual report buying, making your job easier, more productive, and, most of all, more successful. Continue reading to learn about the specific benefits a market research subscription service can provide for you and your business.

1. Full access to an entire library of industry-related reports.

With a market research subscription service, you have direct access to a full library of industry-specific reports. Not only will you save time locating the reports you need, but you will do so without having to make additional purchases. Also, when buying reports individually, you typically do not have the ability to read them prior to purchasing. This makes it difficult to guarantee that the report is detailed enough to answer your specific questions. However, with a subscription-based product, you have full access to the reports to ensure the information meets your criteria. When focusing on a specialized vertical, it becomes vitally important that the research you acquire is as in-depth, detailed, and accurate as possible. Subscription services offer irreplacable value by providing this accessible library of top-quality information for a fixed cost. So, investing in a market research subscription will not only give you the quantity of information that you need, but will also guarantee the value and quality of specialized research that is imperative to the success of your projects.

Glass globe, featured on MarketResearch.com www.blog.marketresearch.com {Benefits of a Market Research Subscription vs. Single Report Buying}2. Global license enabling members of organizations to share and use research.

Market research subscription services can save you many headaches (and a lot of money, too) when it comes to licensing. Typically, an individual report is priced at three different licensing levels: single-user, multi-user, and global. It is not uncommon for a global license to cost three times the price of a single-user report. Consequently, particularly with larger organizations, by buying reports individually, you run the expensive risk of redundant purchasing to allow access to reports for multiple users. However, with a subscription service, such as MarketResearch.com's Knowledge Centers, reports can be shared by colleagues throughout the organization, and even internationally, by offering global licenses on all included reports. So, not only can a subscription-based service provide hassle-free usage, but it will also help you avoid the copyright issues that can occur more frequently when buying reports individually.

3. Cost-effective solution if you need multiple reports in the same industry.

While the cost of a market research subscription service may intimidate some companies at first glance, most often, these services end up being the more cost-effective solution rather than acquiring multiple reports throughout the year. When buying individual reports, it is easy for costs to add up quickly and, more importantly, unexpectedly. This often results in companies exceeding their budget by the end of the year. By switching to a subscription service, you are avoiding the risk of overspending by investing in a service that can much more easily be budgeted for at the beginning of the year. In addition, particularly for larger organizations in which budgets must undergo a long approval process, the fixed cost of a subscription will allow you to receive approval ahead of time and avoid the hassle of delaying individual purchases.

4. Ability to download individual tables and sections.

Many times, the information needed to answer your questions can be found in a specific section, chart, and/or table in a report. If a company is buying individual reports, you must purchase the entire report to have access to even the smallest part. However, when utilizing a subscription service, such as our Knowledge Centers, you gain access to a wider range of reports, giving you the ability to target and extract only the useful pieces without the cost of purchasing each report individually.


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