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Every morning, I check my phone, just as millions of us do, to see the email in-box displaying a delightful red dot with a figure proudly displayed. For me, that figure is generally in the twenties or thirties. I open my e-mail in anticipation that today’s deliveries will all be exciting and relevant to what I’m focused on. I’m disappointed; it’s a jumble of non-relevant spam dross. Why don’t I delete all?

Because, just maybe somewhere in there is an email from That informative and precisely relevant email will be focused on a current project or industry that I need information on. Why do I seek out this golden nugget of an email? Well, because I told it precisely what I needed to be contained within it. It took me minutes to set up, and that investment was invaluable. How did I do it? By using the highly customized features on my market research solution. But, why did I invest my valuable minutes?

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I have a portfolio of around 50 Global 2000 clients, and they span many industries. In order to effectively help them, I have to keep track with what’s happening in their world. As I uncover where my clients are focusing, and this does change regularly, I refine my saved searches within Profound to reflect the information I need to be delivered to my email. I am then knowledgeable of the topics that are presently relevant to my clients. The refinement tools allow me to switch regional or country focus, and it allows me to have the delivery of topics more or less frequently. In addition, Profound allows me to decide what I receive, and I like that control and adaptability. If my client was focusing in on the mobile phone handset market shares in the Middle East but then starts to focus on the UAE, or Saudi specifically, I can make the required refinements, and Profound delivers accordingly. If they have a long-term project, maybe I set my data to be delivered every month with the latest 5 titles. If we are in the peak of the project, I can set delivery to daily with unlimited titles. Profound Alerts is a valuable tool for keeping up to date on the information you need, not what a platform thinks you might need.

So, there I am bleary eyed at 6 AM scanning my email. One alert from Profound, the latest report on the Saudi mobile phone market. I delete 29 emails and keep that one golden nugget. On the train, I log in via my trusty hand held companion to review the detailed table of contents. I find the data I need, download the two tables and head into the office. No need to transfer files from trusty hand held companion to desktop. Simply log in, click into my reading room and in my own library of previously downloaded data there are my documents.

So, I have come a long way from my bleary-eyed 6 AM deleting of 29 various emails. A mix of cheap flights and special offers were safely removed to ensure that by 8 AM I am at my desk and in touch with the information I need to differentiate myself from the competition. And that is why the red dot of overnight email delivery is opened in anticipation and not fear. And why “delete all” is never an option.

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Thanks for reading!

Jason Ward

Director, International Sales

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