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Research in a Donut Hole: The State of the Market Research Community

On a recent swing through London to visit some of our Profound customers, we heard a concern voiced that we’d not heard before. People seemed to be concerned about the state of research in general; that as we emerge from a time of vast and rapid transformation, the research community needs to take stock globally to make sure that we haven’t lost something. Or, at least, we must ensure that if we have lost something, we get it back.

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This past week, gave a facelift to its premier corporate research platform, Profound. Business intelligence has a new look with Profound's fresh new user interface. But, we’re not doing it just to look pretty. The new design revamps the navigation and functional menus and cleans up many of the pages that our users have told us were misleading or outdated.

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How To Get a Return On Investment From Your Business Library

Return on investment is a tricky thing to prove sometimes. In marketing, advertising, and market research, ROI can be especially elusive, but we all know it’s there. What if a market research expenditure could not only show positive ROI but actually be a profit center for your business? Crazy, right? Not necessarily.

Imagine if you could acquire a large library of market information for a low fixed price and then “sell” off pieces of it to your clients or constituents over and over. Your library spend just became an information investment, and behold, your research tools just became a profit center. The Knowledge Center platform, which features the content of some of the most trusted names in market research—Packaged Facts, Kalorama Information, Simba Information—offers just such a possibility.

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Navel Gazing: Exercises in Quantitative Market Research Analysis

In a continuing effort to hone our quantitative market research analysis skills and lend our methodological expertise to some of the most pressing questions of our time, the analysts at offer an occasional post on quantitative research challenges.

Today’s challenge, literally under the heading of “Navel Gazing,” is to determine as accurately as possible the amount of belly-button lint produced daily in the United States.

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